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Cover Reveal: Fifty Shades of Phil


Throughout history many great religions have been centered around sacred texts containing beliefs and doctrines. The Bible. the Talmud, the Koran, the Torah, Book of Mormon, and Dianetics are included in this illustrious list. This book, Fifty Shades of Phil, is funnier than them all. Fifty Shades of Phil is a sarcastic, and sometimes ego-centric, look at the first decade of 21st century American pop-culture through the eyes the self-proclaimed Grand Poobah of Leisure and author of the hilarious long-running blog The Phil Factor.

Opining on topics from the President, to the Pope to American Idol and internet dating Phil has a sarcastic every man view that exposes many of our cultural habits for the idiotic ideas that they are. Laugh out loud funny and thoroughly original, Fifty Shades of Phil is a classic bathroom reader for the new millennium.

I have to say a big thank you to the wonderful Rene Folsom of Phycel Designs for taking my cover idea and making it better than I ever imagined. If you’re an author in need of a cover design her work is absolutely spectacular.

Fifty Shades of Phil is already available for pre-order in the Barnes & Noble and iTunes bookstores. It’s $2.99. Just click the links in this paragraph, click “pre-order” and next Saturday the funniest book you’ll ever read will automatically show up in your Nook or iPad. You Amazon Kindlers will have to wait until Amazon puts the live link in their store on the 29th. As always, please help by sharing on Facebook, Twitter and maybe even Pinterest. I think this cover would look great on some Pinterest boards. Thank you!