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Music Monday! Ghengis Khan?

Yes, Ghengis Khan. the 12 century Mongol dictator. No, he’s not the artist, but the title of a song that has grown on me as it has grown in popularity in the alternative rock world. The band is Miike Snow (pronounced maIk sno).  They’re a Swedish trio that has been together since 2007. Two of the members, who prior to forming the band, collaborated as producers and songwriters, actually won a Grammy award for having written Britney Spears 2004 hit ToxicTrue to their pop music roots this song has a tremendously catchy chorus that I can’t stop singing in my head.

My favorite lyric in this song is from the chorus: “I get a little bit Ghengis Khan. I don’t want you to get it on with nobody else but me. With nobody else but me”  I’m not bragging, but I was a bit of a whiz when it came to global studies back in school and I don’t specifically recall any mention of Ghengis Khan being a little too clingy in relationships.

Have a great Monday! ~Phil