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Canada’s Secret Foot Fetish?

Something strange is afoot in the Great White North! For more than 40 years the Downtown Hotel in Dawson City, Yukon has served up the SourToe cocktail, a shot of whisky with a mummified toe bobbing inside. Those who touch the petrified, severed toe to their lips get a certificate.

Earlier this week a panic ensued when the Downtown Hotel’s toe was stolen.“We are furious,” said Terry Lee of the hotel. “Toes are very hard to come by.”  Relax, it was later returned because the one thing Canadians like better than toes is honesty.  Now back to my theory about Canada having a foot fetish. In Canada individual toes may be hard to come by, but entire feet are not!

In addition to having drinks with toes in them, which I believe to be a very common practice all over Canada, there is more evidence that our friendly neighbors to the north may like feet a little too much. Look what comes up when I search “feet Canada”. How do you like that top one?

Yes, the second one is equally disturbing but I’m only going to hit on the first one here because, believe it or not, I have already mentioned this subject on #ThePhilFactor previously. 12 times in the last 10 years a severed foot in a jogging shoe has washed up on the shore of British Columbia. I was made aware of this phenomenon by a fellow blogger in 2007 when it started happening. You can Google for plenty of pictures, which I won’t put here because I assume you’re all reading this in the morning over breakfast. Here’s the headline from last November:

How in bloody hell has the Dudley Do-Right Canadian police force not solved this crime? They ride on horses and don’t have guns. That sounds like a crack crime solving squad to me. Has it occurred to anyone that the Downtown Hotel in Dawson City might just have a closet full of feet and they just pop off a toe when they need one for their signature drink? Mystery solved. You’re welcome Canada!

Even if the hotel isn’t the culprit, what is going on in Canada with feet? More interesting is why no one has shown up to claim the feet? Also did the Canadians change to the metric system so that they could say metres instead of feet, which might have been too distracting to them on a daily basis? By the time some of you read this, I’ll be in Canada today to get to the bottom of this mystery. Hopefully when it’s all over I’ll put two feet down on the American side of the border. Of course if I lose one, I know where to look for it.

Have a great weekend! ~Phil