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Moist People Hate a Certain Word. Do You Know What It Is?

There are a lot of people who cringe when someone has voiced moist. Yes, that’s right, I’m going to foist moist upon you. I might even carve moist upon on a joist. Then I would hoist the moist joist. Look at how much fun I just had with the word moist! That’s the moist fun I’ve ever had with just one word.

So which side of the moist joist do you fall on? Are you like me, just going blithely through life unperturbed by the word moist? Or do you cringe when you hear moist? Does it make you uncomfortable?

I feel about gifs the way many people feel about the word moist. But seriously everybody, when did hating moist become a thing? The first time I became aware that people disliked the word moist was when I saw this 2007 How I Met Your Mother episode: (go ahead, it’s only 40 sec)

Since then I’ve heard many echo the sentiment that moist is an objectionable word. It just came up yesterday at a lunch meeting I was at. And yet, don’t we all love moist cake? Or maybe a moist towelette when our fingers are greasy after a very good meal?

There are a lot of things that are only good when they are moist: where I get my haircut, they place a moist steamed towel on the back of my neck after they shave it. Dew covered grass. Pancakes. The condensation on the outside of a wine glass on a warm summer night. Banana bread must be moist! Cold cucumber slices. A puppy’s tongue when they lick your cheek. A perfectly cooked Thanksgiving turkey. It seems to me that almost everything that is moist is good, right? So why the apprehension about the word moist?

Don’t cry meme James Van Der Beek. I won’t let the haters get rid of the word moist. In fact, I think the word moist should be rejoiced! When I’m elected President, or Sexiest Man Alive, whichever comes first, I’m going to pass a law that every Monday shall be declared Moist Monday and we will all celebrate all the great moist things in the world.

This may be the moist ridiculous post I’ve ever written. So which side are you on? Should moist be rejoiced, or do you find the word abhorrent? And if you do hate it, could you explain in the comments? If you know a moist hater please share this with them by hitting the Facebook share button below. Moist people will appreciate that!

Have a Moist Saturday! ~Phil