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#MondayBlogs: Don Charisma

I’ve decided to start a new feature on The Phil Factor. I was inspired by Rachel Thompson of Bad Redhead Media, who every Monday on Twitter encourages people to share Twitter handles for bloggers they like and she retweets them. I do this, but not everyone who reads my blog follows me on Twitter, so I figured I’d take Rachel’s idea to my blog each Monday so you might have a chance to discover someone new and interesting.

Today’s blogger is Don Charisma, which may or may not be an assumed name. There are two reasons I love his blog: 1) his tagline: “because anything is possible with Charisma”, and 2) he’s a brilliant photographer.


Blogging seems to be about writing about ones self, but Don provides spectacular pictures with explanations about the place and how he took or created the picture. And he has his own logo, see it there in the bottom right of the picture?

As I said, blogging is often self-indulgent, and that’s ok, but let’s take a day a week at least to show some appreciation for the time others take to entertain us on the interwebs. After you visit Don at: DonCharisma.org why don’t you do your own #MondayBlogs ?

I’ve hashtagged the title so that when this shows up on Twitter it will be retweeted by the awesome Rachel over at Bad Redhead Media. You can find me on Twitter: @ThePhilFactor and you can find Don @Don_Charisma    Have a great Monday! ~Phil