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A POLL! Just answer one question…


To cast or not to cast, that is the question! An author, Robert Chazz Chute, whom I interviewed once is a huge fan of podcasts as a medium to promote oneself as an author. Yesterday I came across the Marc Maron Show on Netflix and it’s based on a comedian and his podcast. (if you’re interested, check out his show. It’s odd and quirky but funny.) Clearly, podcasts are a “thing.” But is it a thing I should do? Or, should I do a Vlog? A video blog? Would my blog be more appealing if my Saturday Phil Factor was me ranting in front of the camera?  I’m looking for opinions. Please take the poll and if you have a few seconds offer your opinions in the comments about why you voted how you did.

Thanks for your opinions everybody! Have a great Sunday! ~Phil