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“A Roller Coaster Ride of Fun” and like Back To The Future?

Reviewed by Bruce Arrington for Readers’ Favorite

Time To Lie: Landon Bridges’ Story Book 1 by Phil Taylor is what I would call a YA thriller/sci fi/comedy that is somewhat reminiscent of Back to the Future, but without the DeLorean going 88 miles per hour in order to travel to a different time. Landon’s in a much different situation, and time travel is not exactly like he expected it to be. His knowledge about his future begins at zero (as you might imagine), but ramps up steadily throughout the book. Without giving too many spoilers away, our hero Landon learns that some big changes are coming and he’s a big part of them. Little by little, he learns the extent of his responsibility in the whole mix.

This was an excellent story, with believable characters, plenty of twists and turns, mysterious people coming and going, and events unfolding, all the while adding a generous dose of self-deprecating humor to the mix. The story was tightly written and worked well to keep me in my seat. It was hard to put it down. I liked the part where the author showed how going back and forth in time can mess things up, instead of only always telling how things will change for the worse. The only downside I saw in Time to Lie, Landon Bridges’ Story Book 1 was the use of profanity throughout that might turn some readers off. However, overall, Phil Taylor delivers a roller-coaster ride of fun. Fortunately for us readers, this is only the first book. Highly recommended.

Thank you Bruce and Readers Favorite! If you haven’t tried my humorous suspense time travel novel, why not? It’s available on Amazon in both Kindle and paperback. Have a great Friday! ~Phil

Music Monday! Would I Lie To You?

Would I lie to you? No, I would not. My new humorous suspense time travel novel Time to Lie is available on Amazon in both Kindle and paperback formats!

Have a great Monday! ~Phil

Want a Free Kindle Copy of Time To Lie?

In an effort to get more exposure for my book, I’m looking for online blog reviews. If you are willing to read my book and post a review on your blog and in the Amazon book store, I will send you a gift copy of the e-book. I want to make it clear that although I’d like only good reviews, I’m not asking specifically for a good review, just an honest one. It’s a fun weekend, beach-read type of book.

What’s the plot? In a nutshell, you know how every now and then in life you royally screw something up and you wish that future you would have traveled back in time to warn you about that situation? Well, what if future you did travel back in time, but he or she is a complete a-hole?

Sound like a fun read? If you’re interested in a free Kindle copy, put your e-mail that is associated with your Amazon account (so you can download it to your Kindle) in the comments section here and I will send you a gift download for my book!

Have a great Friday and a great weekend! ~Phil

Who Doesn’t Love Spam?

Although that is a picture of the mixed mystery meat we’ve all had at one time or another, I’m talking about online spam, or advertising that becomes a nuisance, kind of like me at a party after a couple drinks.

A group of people, writers, who are probably all really nice people, often transform from these nice people into evil werewolf spammers under the light of a full moon new book release. As you may know, yesterday I released my first book in 3 1/2 years and it was published by an actual publisher! As you can imagine, I’m pretty excited about this and want to please my publisher by having a lot of people read my book so that he invites me back to write another.

I realize that the blogosphere is at least 50% writers who are all telling you to buy their books, but you should buy mine because it’s way better than theirs. but I don’t want to become that werewolf spammer that forces people to avoid their blog because it becomes about nothing other than their book.

So, I’m going to ask you, my wonderful readers of many years, if I get a little too spammy,  to feel free to tap me on the shoulder in the form of a comment or e-mail and say, Phil, dial it down a notch on the book promo. Just write the funny stuff you usually do and the readers will come.

Have a great Sunday everyone! (buy my book!) ~Phil

It’s Here! My New Book: Time To Lie!

This is the most excited I’ve been about anything in quite a while! Now available for Kindle, I’m proud to present…

Time to Lie

The truth is just the lie we’ve chosen to believe, and yours may be different than mine.

Remember that time you dated that complete nutcase and said to yourself, I wish Future Me would have come back and warned me about this. Remember when you and your drunk friends said, If it’s such a bad idea, someone would come back from the future and stop us, right before it blew up in your face and got you in trouble? It would be great to have someone from the future to guide your life, wouldn’t it?

Landon Bridges’ life hasn’t always been perfect, but now he’s in college and determined to make a fresh start and transform himself from high school geek to college chic…well less geeky guy. He’s finally attained his goal of studying physics with a renowned professor. He’s met the girl of his dreams and made friends with some of the cool frat guys. Things are going great, until He shows up.

A mysterious stranger intervenes to help Landon out of a terrible, possibly life changing situation, but what does he want? Why does he keep showing up? Who is he?  Landon’s briefly idyllic college world seems to be spinning out of control. In the process of regaining his sanity and his grip on reality, he discovers that he has talents and allies that he never imagined. But is what they’re telling him the truth?

It’s a mix of humor and suspense. I hope that intro is enough to entice you to read it. Short of being elected President, or Sexiest Man Alive, all I want out of life is for you to read my book. You can find Time To Lie on Amazon by clicking this link! Please share to your blog and/or Facebook by clicking one of the buttons below! Thank you so much! ~Phil

Will I Get By With A Little Help From My Friends?

Paul McCartney and Ringo Starr aren’t my friends, yet. But you are. Tomorrow is a big day in my life. I’ve realized the dream of every writer by getting signed by a publisher, Amber Cove Publishing. Tomorrow is the day my book comes out from the publisher. I’d really like it to go well.

Most people don’t realize that there are probably only a handful of authors on the planet whose books get advertised or get a display in a real bookstore. My publisher is not a big publisher and doesn’t have an advertising budget. My job doesn’t end once I’ve written my book.

Now the real job starts, I have to promote my book! I also don’t have an advertising budget. That’s where you come in, if you are so inclined to be kind. Tomorrow, when my book is in the Amazon Kindle store, I’ll put a post on my blog including the synopsis and the link to Amazon. If you’ve ever laughed or chuckled at my blog even once, would you mind either re-blogging that post tomorrow or sharing it to Facebook?  If I could, I’d come over and cut your lawn to repay you, but since that’s not possible, you will forever have my gratitude.

If you buy it and read it, I’m doubly grateful to you for taking a chance and spending some of your hard earned money to buy my book and using your valuable time to read it. Don’t worry, my blog isn’t going to turn into a constant ad for my book. I’ll keep churning out humorous blog posts.

Thank you ~Phil

Rise of a D-List Supervillain! (and a surprise announcement)

“Being a supervillain means never having to say you’re sorry . . .” In 2012 I had finished one book on my Kindle and was poking around the “Recommendations For You” section for another good read. I came across Confessions of a D-List Supervillain and I loved it. It was a fun, unique story that had a different feel to it. Since then I’ve read the two sequels that followed Confessions and was eagerly awaiting the fourth in the series

If you haven’t read any of Jim Bernheimer’s D-List Supervillain series, I highly recommend that you get the whole series and enjoy. Jim’s protanganist is Cal Stringel, a down on his luck wanna-be supervillain with a conscience. He is every man. He is who I would probably be if I had the technological know how to make a super suit. He’s like Tony Stark (Iron Man) but without the good looks or  millions of dollars.

So, on Friday, like a stone cold rapper, Jim Bernheimer dropped Rise of a D-List Supervillain on Amazon overnight. If you’ve read the first three, why haven’t you picked this one up yet? It’s now available for Kindle and in short order it will also be in paperback and on Audible.

I truly do enjoy Jim’s books and when I decided to work with a publisher on my next book instead of self-publishing, Jim’s Amber Cove Publishing was the first one on my list and I’m lucky and grateful that Jim and his staff liked my next novel Time To Lie enough that he signed me for that book and the sequel. This next picture is from the table of contents of Rise of a D-List Supervillain.

See that? How cool is that? If you buy Rise of a D-List Supervillain for Kindle, you get a two chapter preview of my new book, Time to Lie, which will be out in early September!

Have a great Sunday! ~Phil