Throwback Thursdays: Celine is French for Satan (Sept. 5, 2005)

I like this post  from Sept. 5, 2005 because it’s kind of newsy and I still hadn’t mastered the use of the multiple paragraph form in my blogging.


*WARNING* The following may contain material that is offensive to Celine Dion fans and Canadians (not that there’s a difference). Yes, I agree that the results of Hurricane Katrina have been tragic. On that point Celine Dion and I agree. After that point, however, I believe that Celine and I would come to fisticuffs. And believe me, Celine would be in for an ass kicking like no other. The arrogance and piousness of some celebrities just astounds me. Over the weekend Celine Dion used some television interview to criticize the U.S. government response to the disaster in New Orleans. Let’s see Celine….when was the last time you voted for our President? When was the last time you paid taxes here? What? Never? Then shut up. Sure Celine, it’s fine for you to make millions in CD sales and concerts in the U.S. How about we hear how much of that you’ve donated to the hurricane relief effort. Yes, Celine, I’m sure our government is just sitting back thinking, “We’ll get to that hurricane situation right after the holiday weekend. What? Celine is upset? Oh! We’d better get right on that.” Hmmmm….What’s the Canadian government doing to help the hurricane victims? Why doesn’t the Canadian government send some of their military down to help? Oh yeah, that’s right, the Canadian military consists of a bunch of guys in Dudley Do-Right costumes riding around on horses. The only reason Canada exists as a sovereign country instead of a suburb of Buffalo is because there’s nothing up there we want. Did anyone else see the live broadcast over the weekend where rapper Kayne West deviated from the script to criticize the government too. His partner on the stage at that time was comedian/actor Mike Myers. Did Mike say anything to interrupt? Nope, of course not. Mike’s a Canadian.

Hopefully none of my Canadian friends are offended. That certainly wasn’t the intent. If you enjoy what you read at #ThePhilFactor please hit the Facebook, Twitter, and other share buttons below.

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  1. So Phil, let’s talk about your dislike for anything Canadian? 🙂 I like their Bourbon if that’s any use to you. I too am not so keen on Ms Dione’s warblings but then who am I to criticise singing when I break windows with my high pitched wailings 🙂 Well meant blog at the time though – Hurricane Katrina was a nightmare for so many people – even now life there is not back to normal. They say politicians control our lives – I say the weather controls it more.

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