A Philibuster for the Philistines!


This is not going to be a political post. I have my opinions & personal politics, but they are mostly about me. This week the rancor over the funding and institution of Obamacare reached a peak when Republican Senator Ted Cruz engaged in a filibuster of over 21 hours to protest the funding of the new healthcare plan. Talking for 21 hours straight is an impressive feat of endurance. Standing without sitting once while talking for 21 hours straight as Cruz did is even more impressive. The most impressive thing about Cruz’s stunt is that for the entire 21 hours and 19 minutes he did not once go to the bathroom.

Now I don’t know about you, but if I’m going to do anything other than sleep  for 21 hours straight I’m going to need some caffeine. If I drink coffee or an energy drink I can’t go 21 minutes without needing a restroom. I call b.s. I believe Senator Ted Cruz had a catheter and urine bag strapped to his leg. Either that or he just peed himself like marathon runners do sometimes.

Either way, that stupid, pig-headed dude wasted our tax dollars. I’m pretty sure that if any of us ever shows up for work and just stands there talking for 21 hours straight our bosses are going to be pissed. And he was doing it because he and his party disagree with Obamacare. Well guess what? They already had a vote and you lost. Them’s the rules Senator Cruz. When you took the job I’m pretty sure they told you that you’d be participating in a democracy right? Just standing there talking so nothing gets done is the adult equivalent of holding your breath until the other side gives in. Like a 5 year old. I vote for your impeachment effective immediately you arrogant jerk.

When I’m elected President or Sexiest Man Alive, whichever comes first, I’m going to make some changes. First off, filibuster will be spelled Philibuster. Secondly, no one will be allowed to have a Philibuster to prevent any other governmental action. Thirdly, a new kind of Philibuster will be mandatory on the floor of Congress every Friday afternoon at 4 pm. The new Philibuster will take place during the last hour of each congressional week and five congressmen or women will be chosen to read aloud a selection of their choice from my collection of humorous essays, Fifty Shades of Phil. 


Also, when I’m elected President or Sexiest Man Alive, whichever comes first, the nations’ new capital will be Philadelphia and instead of the dollar bill our money will be the dollar Phil. Also, all citizens of the United States will be referred to as Philistines. Until then, unless there’s any objections, I’ll refer to all my blog followers as the Philistines. And yeah, I know this post is completely egocentric and self-serving, but hey, if you’ve got a better idea for your name then go right ahead and blog about it!

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  1. Pretty clever. I liked it.

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