Throwback Thursday! April 3, 2005: The First Phil Factor Ever

Happy Nine Year Blogiversary to me! That’s right, The Phil Factor turns 9 today. They grow up so quickly don’t they? Does nine years make The Phil Factor the oldest living blog in captivity? Nope. That honor may go to my friend LL Cool Joe who has been writing since 2003.

I know you’re saying to yourself, “But Phil,” which is a strange thing to say to yourself, “if your blog is 9 years old why don’t you have thousands of followers?” Good question. In its 9 years The Phil Factor has been hosted on three different blog services and for a brief time on the website of Perky Jerky, which is jerky infused with an energy drink. They sent me a box of their products and it was delicious. A couple of the years in the middle the posts were few and far between as I wrote for other websites and had some real life going on. The Phil Factor may have been on life support but it never died. Ok, enough self-indulgent blathering. Beneath the picture is the first Phil Factor ever. Embarrassingly it’s about American Idol which, believe it or not, was very popular nine years ago. If you don’t believe that I started blogging 9 years ago just click on the hyperlinked title below to see the first post in it’s natural habitat.


(4/3/2005) What Up Dawg? Is it just me or is everyone sick of Randy Jackson’s act on American Idol? How many times can we hear, “What up dawg?” Or his other favorite, “It was a little pitchy in spots,” or “It was just ahh ight for me.” The dude is like one of those action figures where you squeeze him and he has three pre-programmed phrases he rotates through. Nearly as bad is Paula Abdul. Has anyone else noticed that this season she seems drunk every week? She loves everyone this season and seems to find an excuse to physically grab Simon Cowell every week. Considering her recent charge of leaving the scene of an accident after she clipped another car on the freeway, how ironic is it that her big 1988 hit song, Straight Up, included the line “caught in a hit and run”?

Well, that’s it. I chose to introduce myself to the world by commenting on American Idol. Looking at my stats on my old blog, that post got two views. Chances are they were both me. Have a great Thursday and thanks for reading ~Phil

16 responses to “Throwback Thursday! April 3, 2005: The First Phil Factor Ever

  1. Happy bloggy birthday!

  2. Hey happy blogging birthday! I started blogging on blogger in January 2003 but I had a blog before that on some obscure site called Alkablogs that died taking my blog with it, but I can’t even remember how long I was there for, maybe a couple of years or a bit less.

    It’s amazing how much crap I’ve managed to write in those years. 😀

  3. That’s awesome. Happy anniversary. By the way, I notice that as soon as I click through on your blog, there’s already a like from me, even though I haven’t hit the like button yet. Either my phone knows me too well or it’s that evil voodoo cyberstalking. Serious though, and your blog is the only one that does that to me.

  4. Not sure I’m understanding. Maybe your famous typos again? It happened on the one today, the one Saturday, and perhaps on other time, can’t recall. Am I answering your question?

    • I said two things. The first was just wondering if when I visit your blog it is already pre-liked by me. Then, until I checked your blog I was getting worried because you chant blogged in a couple days.

  5. Congratulations! Here’s looking at nine more years of wonderful blogs.

  6. Happy blogoversary (yes that is a real word). Here’s looking forward to another 9 years of blogging.

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