Top Ten Tuesday! Ten Things I Will Never Intentionally Eat

If I were to go on a reality show like Survivor or Fear Factor I’d be fine with eating bugs and snakes. This may be tempting fate, but here are ten things I will never eat intentionally.

10. Mustard: I believe that this is a substance spawned in the bowels of hell. I put only ketchup on my hot dogs. I can throw up right now if I just think about mustard long enough. Moving on…

9. Onions: I can take a little onion powder or flavor in something I’m eating. Just a little. But to chew pieces of onion in or on something? I’d rather chew glass.

8. Other humans: Like I said, I may be tempting fate here, but cannibalism just seems to be in bad taste. Of course if my plane goes down in the Andes mountains and we run out of peanuts…

7. Brains: Not human of course. In many countries it’s not unusual to eat animal brains. The brain reportedly is the most nutritionally dense part of any animal. It just seems wrong. What if in some comic book type plot I suddenly starting thinking like and taking on the characteristics of the animal whose brain I ate? I’d probably fail as a zombie.

6. Seahorses: They’re served fried on a stick in China. I think they’re cute and have a look of intelligence.


5. Guinea pig: Often eaten in South American countries. Umm…no thanks. I find them ugly and repulsive when they’re alive. Did you know that if you pick them up by their tail their eyes will pop out?

4. Kiviak: This one makes we want to puke just thinking about it. Kiviak is a traditional Inuit (Eskimo) food from Greenland. They take a seal, dead I hope, and stuff it with 500 birds, also dead I hope, and then bury it under the ground to ferment for months. It is said to help the Inuits combat vitamin deficiencies in their diet. Haven’t the Inuits ever heard of taking actual vitamins? Someone get them a wi-fi signal!

3. Deviled eggs: I eat hard boiled eggs, scrambled eggs, fried eggs and most any other kind of eggs. Won’t touch a deviled egg. It just looks wrong. Ugh, and adding the paprika on top makes it look wronger.

2. Smalahove: It’s sheeps head. They eat it in Norway. I’ll eat just about any animal, but at least take the face off first.


1. Pickles: Of all the things on this list this is the one I would choose last if forced to. If I’m on a reality show and the challenge is to eat a pickle with mustard I bow out immediately no matter how much money is on the line. It’s the sour, awful vinegar. I can’t get past the smell. I held a pickle once but couldn’t bring myself to eat it.

So what foods are your kryptonite and why?

Have a great Tuesday! ~Phil


4 responses to “Top Ten Tuesday! Ten Things I Will Never Intentionally Eat

  1. I love mustard and pickles, so we can no longer be friends. 😉 I would actually eat mustard on pickles…and like it!

    My personal thoughts on the nastiest food on the planet? Mayonnaise…I call it “Satan juice” and go to great lengths to avoid it.

  2. Not much of a picky eater although you’ve definitely brought up a few that I would have difficulty digesting. Thanks for this…right before I am about to eat breakfast!

  3. Other than mustard, onions, and pickles, the rest of your list made my stomach turn. In Hawaii, Filipino people eat little baby ducklings (?or maybe they’re chicks?) still in the eggshells called balut. I’d also never eat tripe or tongue.

  4. really?! Of ALL the things in the world, mustard, onions and pickles? Isn’t that 75% of the main food source in Chicago ?
    I would not eat tentacled anythings. Octopus, squid. BLECH! Or anything I have to crack and peel out of it’s earthbound body – crab/lobster/shrimp. GROSS!

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