Top Ten Tuesday! The Top Ten TV Series of My Life

Before you go crazy and leave comments that begin with “How could you leave out…”, look at the title of the post. It has the word MY in it. These are my favorite ten TV series. That being said, I’d love it if you chipped in with your opinions on my choices as well as what shows would make your top ten list. These are in order from oldest to most recent.

Star Trek: The show that boldly went where no show had gone before. The ship was piloted by a cast that embodied diversity before it was cool. William Shatner’s Captain Kirk was also an equal opportunity lothario. That dude was hooking up with women of every race, creed and color as well as aliens whose sex, sexual orientation, or sexual organs were never clear.


The Brady Bunch: Marsha! Marsha! Marsha! If you were a kid in the 1970’s you’ll never forget that phrase. Later as an adult it was more fun to watch re-runs after I read Barry Williams’ book where he talked about once showing up to taping higher than a kite, his hook ups with Marsha off camera and having the hots for Mrs. Brady. This is the show that introduced the Cousin Oliver effect, ie when a show adds a new child cast member it’s time to call it quits.

Happy Days: Another 70’s classic that was must watch TV when there were only three channels. This is the show that introduced us to Robin Williams and spawned the phrase “jumped the shark.”

Happy Days

M*A*S*H: This show spanned more than a decade from late 70’s well into the 80’s. It was a show that lasted longer than the war it was about. It was funny and had heart. Hawkeye is the only character Alan Alda will ever be remembered for. This is one where the whole country watched the series finale.

Cheers: Maybe the best TV show theme song ever. I have it on my iPod. The premise of a recovering alcoholic owning a bar was always ridiculous, but this was the dream. A bar you can call home “where everybody knows your name.” The second best series ending ever when Sam turned out the lights and walked out. Had Shelley Long stayed for the whole series she would have been loved by millions forever. But she didn’t. This is the show that introduced us to thin Kirstie Allie and Woody Harrelson.


Seinfeld: A show about nothing. In it’s early years the dialogue was the star. A great ensemble cast that delivered our neuroses on a platter every week. Towards the end however the writers got desperate and the plots became laughable, but not in a good way and the characters became exaggerated caricatures of themselves.

Family Guy: I’m sorry. This had to be included. When I first watched it I didn’t want to like it, but I did. It’s inappropriate, hilarious, and as politically insensitive as anything ever. I know I shouldn’t laugh but I always do. Brian the dog cracks me up. They also make lots of references to old shows, movies, music and celebrities.


How I Met Your Mother: Loved it. I consider myself entirely responsible for the shows success. I liked it before anyone else I knew and told everyone I knew to watch it. The last two years or so it almost jumped the shark but pulled it all together with a classic finale. The best ever in my opinion. I always thought Ted and Robin belonged together. This show re-introduced us to Doogie Howser/Neil Patrick Harris grown up.  If you haven’t watched it and want to look up one episode, choose Slap Bet.

Dr. Who: I just got into this show this year. Love it. Matt Smith was good but David Tennant was better. It may seem like a sci-fi show, but it gives us messages about race and diversity that make you think a bit. It’s just flat-out fun. When I run out of current episodes I may go back and watch the classics from the 1960’s.

Dr Who

Sherlock: A modern take on Sir Arthur Conan Doyle’s iconic character. Brilliantly conceived plots with snappy dialogue, suspense, and humor. Benedict Cumberbatch’s Sherlock is kind of a cross between The Big Bang Theory’s Sheldon Cooper and The Mentalist. Unfortunately he’s become so popular that he won’t be able to film any new episodes for at least a year. I believe the Queen of England should threaten to behead him if he doesn’t immediately begin work on another season.

Honorable Mention: Mork & Mindy, Friends, and Psych. All good, but not good enough. No, I haven’t yet watched Breaking Bad or Game of Thrones yet. 

Ok, everybody, what do you think of my choices? Any suggestions for shows I should try? What are some of your favorite shows from your lifetime?






21 responses to “Top Ten Tuesday! The Top Ten TV Series of My Life

  1. I love “Family Guy”, but I think “King of the Hill” is a little better 🙂

    “Cheers” is always great. “Walking Dead” might be my top cable network show right now.

  2. I was with you ’til Family Guy then lost you. Breaking Bad,
    The Walking Dead and The Big Bang Theory are wonderful but too recent for me to consider them top 10 of my life. Have to include The Cosby Show and it may be lame but most of Little House on the Prairie. I think both shows had a moral center that guided a lot of my childhood and teen years. I mean didn’t you wish Michael Landon or Bill Cosby was your dad? Star Trek Next Generation was awesome for a die-hard trekkie like me and The X-Files had something special until the writing went off the rails. So much great tv that really stands above a lot of the drivel that’s on now.

    • Hi Becky, I forgot about The Cosby Show! That certainly deserves inclusion on any list of great shows. I liked X-Files a lot too, but I agree that it kind of lost it’s way in its last couple seasons.

  3. Love all of these shows but must admit I am addicted to Sherlock, can’t wait for the next season…

  4. I agree with you on a lot of these. Especially the older ones since they have that nostalgia factor. Thank you for, once again, walking me down memory lane.
    P.S. My challenge and your son’s vid still getting some response. Guess just kind of trickling in cause of Memorial Day weekend. Hope I get some more submissions but if not, it was fun while it lasted!

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  6. Phil Thank you for taking the time.Star Trek ….nuff said! Tacky but I got go with Miami Vice – Bad shaves, no socks, cool cars and great music. Once they really had to put a story line together it went down hill fast but still an icon. “Seinfeld” where do you start, best show about nothing, The Contest, Going way past “E”, No soup for you, They are real and they are spectacular, just don’t get better writing than that….Where were you during the last episode?…
    MSgt. Frank Merkel USAF (Ret.)

    • It’s funny you mention Miami Vice. One of the characters in my most recent book The Sneaker Tree idolized Sonny Crockett. Where was I for the last Seinfeld episode? Remember the fat guy that got car jacked in that episode? I actually had a conversation with him at a comedy club in Boston once.

    • Also, in the spirit of Memorial Day, sincerely thank you for your service for our nation.

  7. I love The Cosby Show! Also, a personal favorite of mine was The Brady Bunch, so overall to me this is an awesome list! Loved it!!! 😀

  8. Buahahaha okay I grew up watching Happy Days and The Brady Bunch on Nick at Nite, I loved them! Plus Bewitched and I Dream of Jeanie. *nostalgia*

    BUT you should definitely watch Game of Thrones. Then we can talk about it and I can resume hyperventilating at the end of every episode.

    • I may get to Game of Thrones eventually. There’s so much TV and only so much time in the day. Also, when I’m writing a book I have to give up a lot of TV time to get it done.

  9. Growing up in the same period with you, I pretty much agree until we got to the end. I still haven’t jumped on the BCC bandwagon…yet!

  10. BBC – typo above -fast, fat fingers.

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