Wordless Wednesday


This is going on about 30 miles to the west of me. Five feet, almost two metres! Wasn’t it just summer a few minutes ago? Have a great Wednesday! ~Phil

13 responses to “Wordless Wednesday

  1. This just makes me want to cry.
    My deepest sympathies to everyone trying to dig out from this mess 😦


  2. Well, Phil I wish you luck
    But it sure looks like your f**ked.


  3. Oh silly me! Yes, I see now in the caption that it says it’s been going on 30 miles west of you. Glad you missed it.


  4. I hope it stays there!


  5. Waaaay too early for all that snow. We might get an inch in London Town. I live in hope.


  6. This Thanksgiving, Buffalo is thankful for slow plows.


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