Everybody Have Fun Today, Everybody Wang Chung Today!


I’m not going to share this post with Facebook or Twitter. I’m too embarrassed. Not as embarrassed as Wang Chung should be. Yesterday I was in my car with my iPod connected and playing on shuffle when the Wang Chung song “Everybody Have Fun Tonight” came on. For you kids out there who weren’t alive in the 1980’s Wang Chung had two popular songs that were played ad nauseum for years. Embarrassingly, I liked them and downloaded them to my iPod at some point in the last eight years. Not the worst thing I suppose and I’m sure we all have songs on our iPods that we wouldn’t want to acknowledge to anyone we wanted to respect us. Trust me, I have worse and at some point I’ll make them into a Top Ten Tuesday list for you.

When the song came on my iPod, I looked down and noticed the album cover pictured above. Apparently when I downloaded the song I didn’t make note of what “album” it came from. Greatest Hits?!!? C’mon Wang Chung! Isn’t using the word Greatest a bit of a stretch? And Hits pluralTwo songs! You had two songs that made it big and you have a Greatest Hits CD? You have enough hits for a greatest hits 45. For you kids, a 45 is a small, vinyl disc with one song on each side and played on the old record players your parents had when they were kids. They were about eight inches across and looked like this:


I don’t know. Maybe Wang Chung was much more popular in other countries. A greatest hits album when you’ve only had two hits? That’s like a random blogger putting out a  50 greatest posts book after eight years of blogging! Oh, that’s right, I did that. That’s what Fifty Shades of Phil is. See it in the right sidebar? The e-book edition is only 99 cents for Kindle, Nook, Kobo, or any other device. I figured a lot of you might not know what Fifty Shades of Phil was and never clicked on it because you were fearful that it was my comical sexual memoirs.

Have a great Monday! ~Phil

17 responses to “Everybody Have Fun Today, Everybody Wang Chung Today!

  1. Nice blog post. This has prompted me to find my first Ipod and see what happens on the shuffle. I would not at all be surprised if Wang Chung comes up. BTW…since Apple is no longer making these I hear they are going for $500 on ebay. Like wow.

  2. I like “To Live and Die in LA”, so at least two songs. More than some modern musical acts may have 😀

  3. I don’t have an ipod because I refuse to own Apple anything lol but I do have a CD rack with all sorts of 80’s and 90’s groups. I appreciate the 45 description and included photo. I know what those are along with 8 tracks and cassette tapes. Ahh the good old days when “shuffle” was a mix tape made off the radio. 🙂 Oh and I now have that song stuck in my head, thank you very much…

  4. Don’t you know I have been dubbed
    President of the Wang Chung fan club
    And can’t see why you don’t admit
    Each song of their’s is a hit
    Oh but let’s not Kung Fu fight
    Let’s all just Wang Chung tonight!

  5. Ooooh, can’t wait for that top ten list. I’m sure there are one or two songs on my iPod that might cause me to cringe if you knew about them!

  6. Wang Chung? Really Phil? …you should be embarrassed. …smh. 😉

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