Wordless Wednesday! Street Art

Elicser final

Another of the incredible murals that are all over my city thanks to our annual Wall Therapy festival. It was created by Elicser Elliot. I just ran across this one yesterday. It’s so much fun to turn a corner and find something completely unexpected. It’s like an Easter egg hunt I didn’t know I was a part of. One small paragraph is about as wordless as I get. Have a great Wednesday! ~Phil

14 responses to “Wordless Wednesday! Street Art

  1. Nice one. Really fab.

  2. Wall Therapy festival? Sounds very much like Richmond’s Street Art Festival. I know exactly what you mean about the Easter egg hunt!

    • When I did a little research on our mural festival I also came across info about Richmond. I had no idea until about 6 months ago why over the last three years my city has murals everywhere. This summer I may try to get pictures of the murals as they’re being painted and after and maybe interview some of the artists.

  3. Thanks for sharing your daily view
    Ooops, was I to be wordless too?

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