Music Monday!

Because I like music, themes and alliteration I’ve decided to add a new Monday feature, Music Monday. Music on Mondays isn’t a new idea. Steve of Steve Says did music so well that he created a whole new blog, Now This is What I Would Call Music. I won’t even attempt to approach Steve’s comprehensive knowledge of music. What I will do is each Monday post the video of a song I’m currently enjoying or maybe a classic that you might have forgotten about. This week’s song is one of those that I liked right away but wasn’t crazy about. It’s grown on me to the point that I’ve added it to my iPod. It’s a light, catchy, fun song. Enjoy. So what’s your favorite song this week?

5 responses to “Music Monday!

  1. Great idea, Phil! I love alliteration too and Music Monday will be a fun way to kick off the week. It’s killing me that I can’t remember the name of the new song I’ve been hearing in the car and like so much. Dash it to musical bits!!

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  2. Monday music seems pretty fun
    I probably could not decide on one
    Or every week I’d just settle
    For blasting the readers with heavy metal.

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  3. Hey Phil, thanks for the mention. I’m not sure my knowledge is good knowledge though haha. My fave song just now has to be Nobody’s Empire by Belle and Sebastian. Love your choice too!

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