Top Ten Tuesday! The Ten Best Cereals Ever!

When you were ever a kid and you got dragged along on grocery shopping trips the only highlight was the cereal aisle. Don’t you remember turning into that aisle and seeing rays of light from above reflecting off every cartoon face on every box as you were serenaded by a chorus of angels. You had found the promised land. This is my list of the Top Ten Best Cereals ever.


10. Rice Krispies: Looking back I think I took Rice Krispies for granted. Think about it; if any other food made noise the entire time you were eating it you’d freak out. A food that makes noise! How cool is that?

9. Cap’n Crunch Crunchberries: Regular Cap’n Crunch was good but once you add those big, fat, flavorful “berries,” how good was that? I don’t know why they didn’t just make the cereal all berries.

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8. Boo Berry: Seasonal cereal? Boo Berry, Franken Berry and Count Chocula actually invented the seasonal food/flavor idea that is now used liberally with pumpkin in the Fall and Nog in the Winter. And the milk turns blue? Love it. Anybody know why the ghost on the box looks so depressed?

7. Franken Berry: Pink milk? Strawberry flavor? Halloween theme? Yes please!

6. Cinnamon Toast Crunch: Now we’re getting into the serious heavy hitters. Sugar and cinnamon? Why not just use maple syrup instead of milk? How great would that be?


5. Lucky Charms: They are magically delicious. How can you argue with that? For fun, if you’re at work and someone is describing something and they pause to search their mind for just the right word, that’s when you yell out “magically delicious!” Always gets a laugh. And no, that is not me on the front of the cereal box.

4. Cocoa Puffs: They’re chocolate and the milk turns into chocolate milk. If that doesn’t make you happy then you have a serious endorphin deficit, which is usually cured by a great big bowl or cereal for dinner.


3. Cookie Crisp: This cereal was created by an evil genius. It’s cookies pretending to be cereal! Internet shminternet! Cookie Crisp may be the best invention ever. Screw it. Tomorrow for breakfast I’m having a bowl of Girl Scout cookies in milk.

2. Frosted Flakes: Despite what I said about Cookie Crisp, Frosted Flakes deserve a higher ranking as a lifetime achievement award. During the Revolutionary War, do you know why the colonial soldiers threw the tea in the harbor? Because they couldn’t bring themselves to throw the Frosted Flakes in even though they were widely regarded as more valuable. The incident was very close to having been called the Boston Frosted Flakes Party. That’s a true fact that I made up.


1. Cap’n Crunch’s Peanut Butter Crunch: This cereal is Cap’n Crunch’s Peanut Butter Crunch just like the speakers are Beats by Dr. Dre. This one is my all time favorite. Why? Because it tastes like peanut butter. Duh!

Ok, now it’s your turn. How would you rank these differently? Are there any you love that you’d put in the Top Ten? Please don’t say oatmeal. If you do I may have to block you from my blog. What about other countries? Are there any cereals I should go to great lengths to import? Have a great Tuesday! ~Phil

27 responses to “Top Ten Tuesday! The Ten Best Cereals Ever!

  1. Wait a minute… You guys had Boo berries! I was so missing out as a child! 🙁

    My favorite cereal was Cocopops!

  2. Force flakes, you’ve missed them out. As I recall if you collected a few packet tops and sent them a postal order ( you probably don’t remember them either) they sent you a doll (? ) . Always liked to say that I was force fed. You can still get them I think.

  3. This is where I get to pout alone in the corner again. I’ve never been a cereal fan … it was a milk thing. I could not drink milk – still can’t – and even my formidable mom could not make me.
    So, yes, while I’m familiar with all of these cereals, my reaction is ‘meh’. You can have them.

  4. I now the reveal the extent of my mother’s cruelty. We were only allowed cereals like corn flakes or raisin bran. None of that sugary crap that’s bad for your teeth, she said. It was the coolest thing to sleep over at somebody else’s house where there was a “nice” mother who let them eat Lucky Charms.

  5. Love the list but I’d have to say Lucky Charms were my #1 with Trix, and that devious rabbit, as a close second. “Magically Delicious” & “Trix are for Kids” always won over my parents lol

  6. Ditto. We didn’t get the fun cereal’s at home (we had Kix, Cheerios, etc) so it was always a blast to go to someone else’s home and try a sugary fun cereal. But Capt’n Crunch was such a let down to me, as it always irritated the roof of my mouth with it’s sharp edges. How is that enjoyable?

  7. I love Rice Krispies. Frosted Flakes are pretty good. Growing up was Wheaties, Cheerios, Raisin Bran and shredded wheat, so I never developed a taste for the super sugary cereals, which to be honest, make me feel a bit sick. I view Cap’n Crunch as a dessert, and I eat oatmeal. Sorry I’m so dull.
    I’m sure my family would agree with you, though. Last fall, The Mister took the kids to the store and let them get Coco Puffs. “It was the best day ever!” they said. No one has asked me for Coco Puffs since 1998.

  8. Definitely going with the CTC
    And if it makes chocolate milk it’s alright with me

  9. I bought Crunchberries a few months ago. I ate the whole box in two days! My kids didn’t even get a bite. They don’t need the sugar anyway. I love Raisin Bran. But, my all-time favorite is Cocoa Krispies with bananas cut up in it. Mmmmm…..I have a box. I might have to open it. My kids won’t get any of that either.

  10. Is it bad that I haven’t heard of most of them! However I adore cookie crisp and will eat them dry for a snack too!

  11. CoooOOOOOOOkie Crisp! 🙂 haha. I was always a Captain Crunch or Frosted Flake girl myself.

  12. Where are the Cocoa Krispies? APPLE JACKS?

    What kind of mad list is this?

    Well, I mean, other than Cinnamon Toast Crunch. That is pretty good.

  13. I only recognise rice crispies. My faves were weetabix, coco pops, ready brek and these days it’s weetos

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