Music Monday: Aer

The Grammy’s were last night and shocker, I didn’t get one again. I don’t know what I’ve gotta do to get their attention. I sing all the time. Well, mostly alone in my car, but there should be a Grammy for that. My Music Monday this week is a duo from the suburbs of Boston that I thought would be a lot closer to a Grammy than me. I first heard this song last summer and loved it immediately. I was sure that it was going to be a breakout, crossover hit. Sadly, for them and me I was wrong. I still think it’s a great song. Here’s their website too. Enjoy! Happy Monday!

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  1. “The Sneaker Tree” is on my kindle and my list of 2015 books I will read! Mentioning in an upcoming post.

  2. I’m sorry you got overlooked
    The good thing is I bought your book!

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