Fifty Shades of …Phil?


I am absolutely outraged! Just because I’m a small time author, some big movie company thinks they can steal my title, change a word and pretend it’s their idea. My Fifty Shades of Phil book came out in June 2013, so obviously I had the idea first. I’m considering legal action.

Because of this weeks movie opening of Fifty Shades of Grey I thought I’d capitalize on all the people searching the web for info using the phrase #FiftyShades by putting my book on sale Many people may visit my site here from their smartphones and never see the link in the sidebar for my book Fifty Shades of Phil. I could tell you about the book that contains the best 50 humor essays from the first 8 years of The Phil Factor, but I won’t. I’ll let the reviewers do it for me:

NBC Nightly News anchor Brian Williams: “This is the best book I’ve ever helped Phil write.”

Hilariously Funny! ~Narly Nuts Book Lovers: Phil takes us on a HILARIOUS ride of HUMOR and TRUTH! He says all the things we know to be true, but most of us likely don’t say out loud. We think it and know how we feel about the different topics. Yes, some of it is ego-centric and down right blunt, but what fun would it be if Phil wasn’t putting his spin on it.
All in all, this is a book I will recommend for laughs, wit and Phil’s oh so subtle charm. When Phil is elected President, or Sexiest Man Alive, I WILL VOTE PHIL, whichever comes first.:)

Kurisutsure: Funniest book I’ve read in a LONG time. Seriously, I can’t wait for the next one! I laughed at something in every post, which may indicate I am an “overlaugher.” When I got to the end I wanted more, and still do.

Author Sean Smithson (How to Lose a Girl in 10 Ways): “Perfect read for any commute. …snappy and entertaining reading. Perfect for a very recent and uncomfortable long haul flight. Definitely do not regret picking this up.”

To celebrate the movie #FiftyShadesofGrey this week I’ve put this book on sale for just 99 cents for Kindle, Nook, or in the iTunes bookstore.  I’m not sure what it is in Euro’s or GBP but you can still find it in the Amazon bookstore in every country in the world and they’ll tell you how much it is.  What? You don’t have a Kindle or Nook? You don’t need one! You can download the free Kindle or Nook app to your iPad or smartphone and then download Fifty Shades of Phil.

Have a great Sunday! ~Phil

19 responses to “Fifty Shades of …Phil?

  1. What accolades!

  2. Quite a reasonable bill
    To download Fifty Shades of Phil
    I think the author is a riot
    Darn I may just have to buy it.

    P.S. Phil, how long will the offer last? I’m on my way out the door for a big day but hopefully can get it later today or tomorrow.

  3. I’m another over-laugher, so I’ve been over to the Amazon shop to make the rchase which will give me an excuse to exercise this character trait in public Cheers.

  4. Ho-hum “purchase” nor rchase. I must be a feather-Weight typist.

  5. OK, where’s the bondage? I’ve read the first couple of chapters and I have other questions. Who is Channing Tatum and why do folk think he’s sexy? Have you really been blogging since 2005? Because I hardly knew what the internet was then. Does that mean you were in fact hip back then? Can you really do gangham thingy and why do people want to? Harlem Shake I need to check out – sounds more like my kind of dance. Hmm, what else? I’ll get back to you once I get further in. And which page is the bondage on?

    • Keep reading. You’ll find the bondage. Thanks for reading! Don’t tell the others, but you’re my favorite blogger.

      • Jeez, what some authors say for a book sale! You’re supposed to say that before I buy the book.

      • Seriously, it means a lot that you invested your time and money in one of my books. I hope you’re enjoying it.

      • Awfurgawdssake, people are trying to read here.
        I think it’s a splendid idea to elect your president by imitating Idol. I don’t watch it but I would if it were filled with politicians I could have a go at via text. I imagine a rolling script along the bottom of the TV full of heckle texts advising said candidates where they can shove their austerity measures. Simon Cowell – he’s the only one I know here – would get to tell them that they’re talentless no-marks and should pursue a livelihood elsewhere. It’s a splendiferous idea that the Apple guy, whose name eludes, cos I’m getting old and can’t hold a thought for too long, would/should have invented and may still do so from his cloud.
        Thoroughly enjoying it, Phil, as you can tell. Blueberry muffins, coffee and a book, great combo. 🙂
        Steve! Just came back to me. I’ll get his second name later. :/

    • LOL, it’s Steve Jobs. It warms my heart to know you actually sat down to read it and are telling me what you like. Thank you 🙂

      • I have Amish envy now. I want me a shed built to last and a horse to manure my roses. I’d be good Amish. I can knit and sew and make things from scratch. Doing without my kindle fire could be a problem though. And my i-pod. And my car. Not much else though. Oh, blogging.
        Thoroughly enjoying, Phil. I fell asleep though. Nothing whatsoever to do with your book. Just the danger of staying in bed for a lazy day when the kids are out. Don’t think I’d get away with that if I were Amish. :/

      • I’m not sure if Amish celebrate Valentine’s, but if they do, I bet it’s the men that get the day off.

  6. I never said I was alone. 😉

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