Music Monday! The Rembrandts

Long before they sang the theme song for Ross, Rachel, Chandler, Monica, Joey and Phoebe, The Rembrandts did have a legitimate hit song that hit number 14 on the Billboard charts. I should know because I bought the cassette tape.

Have a great Monday! ~Phil

26 responses to “Music Monday! The Rembrandts

  1. what is a cassette tape? Just kidding mate! 😉

  2. Should the title of this post be different? Or am I horribly confused? (It wouldn’t be unusual for me to just be confused.) 😉 Regardless, The Replacements and The Rembrandts…they’re both pretty awesome. 😀

  3. I had no idea they sang that. I don’t think I know who else I would have thought sang it, but there you go 😀

  4. This blog gives me inspiration
    To you I’ll make a dedication
    If I can successfully make
    A poem about cassette tapes.

  5. LOL my first car had an 8-track player in it….ugh…….

  6. I loved this song!!! And had no idea it was The Rembrandts. Thanks, Phil.

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