How You Say Good-bye May Say a Lot About You

Don’t wanna be a fool for you
Just another player in your game for two
You may hate me but it ain’t no lie,
Baby Bye, bye, bye…
Bye Bye   ~N’SYNC, Bye, Bye, Bye

Some people are good at good byes and others…not so much. Adios, auf widersehen, good-bye, sayonara, bye, cheerio, buh bye, ciao, and bye bye are all ways to break company with someone. I was going to open this post with song lyrics about good byes from Train, but I couldn’t resist. It’s as if N’SYNC wrote that song just for me. Actually, they did. I was an original member of the group before I left to start The Phil Factor. Me and JT, we’re still cool though.

Parting is not always such sweet sorrow. Sometimes it’s good, sometimes it’s bad and other times it’s just plain ridiculous. Everyone says their good byes differently, and how you do may say a lot about either you or how you feel about who you’re saying good bye to.

Bye: Short and to the point. Typically used when you either expect to see the other person again soon or you hate them and don’t want to waste your breath using more than one syllable on the other person. Being on the receiving end of such a curt send off is usually not good.

images (26)

Who doesn’t love James Van der Beek? am I right?

Bye Bye: A childish and demeaning way to part. Whether you’re saying it or you’re on the receiving end, it’s not good, unless you’re four years old. If you’re an adult and you ‘bye bye’ to anyone but your kids, you sound ridiculous. Trust me, it’s especially bad at the end of a job interview. Or eulogy.

Buh-bye: This one can only be delivered two ways: If you have a billion dollars and you’re watching guests leave a party at your palatial estate or if you are saying it dripping with sarcasm to someone you hate. This is how Kim Kardashian ends every marriage.

Usually I hate gifs, but c’mon, bears waving good-bye. How cute is that?

GoodbyeIt’s all in the delivery. If you’re leaving for a long trip and it comes with a hug and a smile it’s all good. If it’s said to you by a super-villain or a guy in a hockey mask, then, as the kids say, shit just got real.

And now it’s time for me to say good bye at the end of the post. Is there a good way to do it in writing? If you’d like to use this post to give someone a message, feel free to share it by hitting the Facebook or Twitter share buttons below. From the palatial blogging estate that is #ThePhilFactor, buh-bye and have a great weekend! ~Phil

21 responses to “How You Say Good-bye May Say a Lot About You

  1. hahaha I love it! Buh bye!

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  2. hahahahaha! … If it’s said to you by a super-villain or a guy in a hockey mask, then, as the kids say, shit just got real … great line 😀

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  3. Partings such sweet sorrow
    Some emote some blubber
    I keep it simple with “later losers”
    Or better yet “See ya suckers”.

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  4. You are absolutely right about bye bye. It’s ridiculous.

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  5. If someone gathers the family to sing their goodbyes whilst wearing clothes made from the curtains you can be certain that either a) they’re obviously not good with goodbyes and tend to overcompensate or b) the Nazis are coming. Either way, it’s definitely time to leave the party.

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  6. I’m trying to think what it is I say now…sometimes buh bye but mostly see ye later I think

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  7. What about ‘see ya!’ What does that mean? My granddad used to say TTFN (TA-Taa For Now)

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  8. My version of saying goodbye is “Byeeeee”.. In-person and on text, both. Yes, I am a 5 year old living in a 21 year old body -_-

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  9. You forgot “TTFN”, the traditional Nordic goodbye: “To the Fates now”. Yeah. I’m pretty sure that’s what it stands for.

    Or “Laters”, that snide parting criticism of your guests who showed up tardy for their visit.

    Or my usual, “S’long!”, in which I express the usual Asperger’s feeling that having to socialize and play nice with neurotypicals feels like FOREVER and I’m SO GLAD to be free again!

    (who am I kidding–insert forever-alone face here)

    Funny post again, Phil.

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  10. Somehow, I’d read the comments up to Marissa’s poem, and missed the others before I commented, so hadn’t seen that. Oops. Yes, of COURSE we all know Tigger’s version. But he had it wrong.

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  11. Or…we could all emulate my favorite child-I-am-so-glad-I-never-had, Mindy, from Animaniacs: “Okay, I love you, bu-bye!”

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