Monday Music! The Phil Factor has reached an All Time Low

This is the new song/video from All Time Low, my son’s favorite band, that we are going to see live in May for the 5th time.

I’ve grown to like this band quite a bit for several reasons. Because my son likes them so much his band, Nothing Personal, ¬†will usually cover one of All Time Low’s songs every time they play, so I’ve grown to know and like their songs. Also I like them because this is a picture of the lead singer, Alex Gaskarth, sitting alongside the drummer Rian Dawson, holding a sticker of my son’s band:


What’s kind of cool is that All Time Low named their band after a line in a song by the band New Found Glory, and my son’s band, Nothing Personal named themselves from a line in an All Time Low song. Obviously, somewhere there’s a group of young musicians that will one day name their band after a line by one of my son’s songs.

Have a great Monday! ~Phil

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  1. Love it when parents support the kids. Nice

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