Real Sexting Conversations To Read in Hindi?

Over the past three months or so the title of this post has been appearing repeatedly in the list of search terms that brought people to my blog. Hindi is one of the official languages of India, where approximately 94% of the world’s Hindi speaking people reside. I don’t speak or write in Hindi, nor have I ever, yet through some modern miracle of Google technology, sexting in Hindi is apparently what search engines think my blog is about, so I figured what the heck? Why not put it in the title of a post and see if I could make every internet server in India burst into flames simultaneously this morning. & BBC & BBC

The title is an attention grabber though isn’t it? You’re reading this, so it obviously worked. The fact that the title has been such a popular search term recently makes me wonder if the entire country of India just discovered the art of sexting. Is there going to be a new Kama Sutra written to include Hindi sexting? No offense to any of my Indian friends or readers, but I’m sorry, I can’t imagine any Indian dudes sounding at all sexy when they’re trying to sext. Go ahead, imagine an Indian accent talking sexy to you. The chicks, of course they would sound great. The dudes, I just don’t see it. Ladies, what do you think? If I think of an Indian guy, it’s Raj from The Big Bang Theory.

Is that the face of smoldering Indian sensuality all you ladies want to imagine? Sorry Kunal. I’m sure you didn’t want to be dragged into this. You’re probably a very nice guy who, being a TV star, has no trouble with female companionship. Or male companionship. I don’t know what you’re into and I probably shouldn’t start rumors among all your countrymen and women who are reading this. Although Kunal, if you are having trouble finding your perfect match here’s a wonderful Hindi dating website that can help you.

Of course now the phrase ‘Hindi dating website’ will be a popular search term that will pull even more people to #ThePhilFactor, so I might as well try to help out. As long as you’re here Hindi folks, if you’re looking for the love of your life, put your pertinent information in the comments section and maybe another of my Hindi fans will do the same and you two can go out for a froyo and celebrate Holi together. (For you dolts who just thought, “He should have said Diwali”, don’t be idiots. Diwali is in the Fall. Holi is the Indian spring celebration)

That’s a picture from a Holi celebration in India. Looks like fun huh? You can imagine that after a couple glasses of Feni in a crowd like that …..

I’ve got to admit that my humorous mojo was thrown for a loop in the middle of this. I was in the midst of writing it when my entire neighborhood lost electricity, so I’ve been sitting here in candlelight, like the Amish, writing this on my cell phone. Thank Vishnu that I got my coffee made before the lights went out.

As always, if you enjoyed The Phil Factor please share it with your love starved Hindi friends by hitting the Facebook, Twitter, or reblog button below. Whatever you do though, please do not sext me in Hindi. सप्ताहांत बहुत अच्छा गुजरे! Have a great weekend! ~Phil

48 responses to “Real Sexting Conversations To Read in Hindi?

  1. thephilfactor : Expert in Hindi sexting since…today! Go google, go google.


  2. Good luck with your experiment, Phil. Funny, I’m attending an Indian wedding next month.

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  3. I once dated a Hindi man
    Who came to America from Pakistan
    We tried sexting quite a bit
    I never got the hang of it
    The Hindi characters were confusing
    I didn’t know which I was using
    One day I sent him a text and then
    I never did hear back from him
    It must have been pretty bad
    I think I said something dirty about his dad.

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  4. Really creative–full of little surprises, like presents for your reader.
    I think your Western, particularly Western male perspective, gave you a bum steer, though: There are some d#mn fine Indian men–complete with sexy voices.

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  5. You got me…I read it!
    I’ll be interested to hear a follow-up and see if the internet sets on fire. 😉

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  6. There are most certainly sexy Indian men. (Who would never waste their Hindi sexting on me, cause I wouldn’t understand a thing…)

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  11. I am laughing at your post and all the comments, this was a great one, Phil! I am attracted to many men from different cultures but my ex-husband had a great friend who was Indian (Hindu) who was offended by my shorts and comments to his wife who gave me a beautiful sari. He was overbearing, which not all are like this, but they are pretty traditional and I am definitely NOT! Smiles!


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  18. This was hilarious. I am an Indian who speaks, reads, and writes Hindi (Also English and that’s how I am here ;)) and I can’t stop wondering why you got so many hits on that weird search. Like I wonder I get those that tell me they wanted to call me but instead left a message. Poor Kunal, btw. What a fun post, Phil. Can’t stop smiling.

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  22. That’s awesome. You’re cracking me up! Actually, I think of my fave director, M. Night….I can’t spell his last name. (Hot) You know, Signs? But, idk. Is Hindi different than Indian?

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  23. Glad you mentioned The Big Bang Theory as I love watching it. It’s so funny ? I have watched every episode so far.

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  25. Hahahahahah. Hindi sexting sounds very cheap. Educated working women can’t stand it.

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