Three Things…

I usually don’t post on Sundays, preferring to let my literary work of art from Saturday have time to breathe and soak in the usual adoration (yes, tongue in cheek here) but I had a few odds and ends I wanted to get out there.

1. Apparently someone named Zayn Malik left a band called One Direction. So there’s a job opening? *Rushes to LinkedIn to brush up resume. Uploads video to Youtube*

2. Yesterday I posted a hilarious post about how people Googling “real sexting conversations to read in Hindi” keep ending up at my blog. In response to that post Marissa of Glorious Results of a Misspent Youth said this in the comments:

I once dated a Hindi man
Who came to America from Pakistan
We tried sexting quite a bit
I never got the hang of it
The Hindi characters were confusing
I didn’t know which I was using
One day I sent him a text and then
I never did hear back from him
It must have been pretty bad
I think I said something dirty about his dad.

Click on the link for her blog and go follow her. She’s always hilarious.

3. My high school friend Debbie started a blog this week.  She is also very funny. Go follow her at Little Debbie

Have a great Sunday! ~ Phil


20 responses to “Three Things…

  1. Ha, I just posted about Zayn Malik myself – dude created shock waves across the entire world 🙂 Oh, and I already follow Debbie thanks to your earlier post this week 😉

  2. 1) Zayn who?
    2) Marissa is awesome.
    3) Thanks for introducing me to Little Debbie this week. Love her writing.

    Happy Sunday.

  3. hahah I will check them out!

  4. I’m glad Zayn’s left. It’ll make my daughter’s Where’s One Direction book 20% easier to complete. It’s amazing how inconspicuous a boy band can become in pictorial form.

  5. Oh Phil you are just to kind
    To have mentioned this poem of mine
    I wrote it real quick
    I guess it did the trick
    As I see you reprinted the lines

    It’s a joy I can not contain
    But still my heart is filled with pain
    And though I should be happy
    I feel so damn crappy
    I just can’t stop thinking bout Zayn.

  6. You so suck, Phil. I am rushing around this morning instead of having my day of rest, and you forced me to check out your blog and watch that cute baby video! Now I’m late, and it’s all your fault.

  7. You are a great guy, Phil. Sharing the wealth of fine blogging friends, I love Marissa and will try Debbie, too. Smiles! I am at library and no little emoticons available.

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  10. WordPress showed me your popular posts and that’s how I landed here. Now heading to your post on sexting in Hindi 😉 And no, not because of sexting but cos of Hindi.

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