Music Monday! Nothing Personal

This is my son’s band opening for Hawthorne Heights last Tuesday. My son is the singer/guitarist and songwriter.

Have a great Monday!

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  1. I’d be moshing if I were in the crowd
    Phil you must be very proud.

  2. Very blink 182. Love it

  3. I do hope there were others in the crowd more excited than the folks directly in front of you. Great band, and great kid. Look forward to hearing big things about them.

    • Thanks Rene! There was actually a much larger crowd there than you can see in the video. The band will have their second song on iTunes in about two weeks.

  4. Phil if your son’s band is interested in having their music aired on our Internet Radio station for free, I would love to help expose them if they have their own music???? Have them check out our website: I would be more than happy to help them!

  5. Send them too me my friend… Radio World Indie foster’s Artist to have their music HEARD!!!!

  6. Phil, I think your son’s energy level is terrific,and he’s got a fine voice there! Way to go, chip off the talent-block!

    It could have been the sound quality plus my connection, but it seems like a better drummer would add a bit.. Not that their current guy sucks the big one or anything–the band sounds good now, he’s fine, and if the band feels they gel best this way, then that’s really important, too.

    • Maybe it was just the sound or that song. The drummer is actually very good. He taught himself by watching YouTube videos. He and my son have been playing music together since they were 10.

      • I’m glad. Impressive, learning just from YouTube. My sound here was bad, BTW. Time Warner has been out 3x in a week and a half, and I had thought all issues resolved, but apparently not.

    • The sound quality is pretty poor because it was just on my cell phone. You’ll hear it better in about two weeks when I post their new song that will be in iTunes.

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