Top Ten Tuesday! Ten Things You’ll Wish You Didn’t Know

11. On Cinco de Mayo every year thirteen people die while reading blogs. Ok, I made that one up, but the rest might be true because I read them on the internet.

10. FDA regulations allow 10 insects and 35 fruit fly eggs per 8 oz of raisins. Yum! Natures candy!

download (30)

9. When the sun goes out we will only have eight minutes and nineteen seconds before it gets very, very cold.

8. Your cell phone has more bacteria than your toilet.

cell phone

7. The movie Toy Story is full of references to the movie The Shining. See that capet in Sid’s room? Same one from the Overlook Hotel in The Shining.


6. Depending upon the brand of toilet paper you use, fecal matter can travel through up to ten layers.

5. If you can smell it, then there are microscopic particles of it in your nose. We breathe in about a liter of farts per day.

Doll from The Conjuring

Doll from The Conjuring

4. There is a real island to the South of Mexico City that is said to be one of the most haunted places in the world. The place is called, Isle de la Muñecas, or Island of the Dolls, and hanging in its trees are thousands of extremely scary dolls that are constantly watching.The story goes that the caretaker of the island began hanging the dolls up in trees after he found the body of girl in the water. As time went by, the caretaker began to complain that he heard voices whispering for him to come back to the place where he found the drowned girl. No one paid attention until the day he was found dead, drowned in the same place as she had, no witnesses except for the thousands of glass eyes nearby.

3. Over the course of our lifetime we inadvertently eat two pounds of dirt.

2. In the United States 2500 left handed people die every year due to using equipment designed for right handers.


1. The odds of you dying on your way to buy a lottery tickets are actual better than your odds of winning the lottery.

Which one disturbs you the most? Personally, I’m a little worried about the left handers. I’m not one, but it would be a shame to see their species become extinct. Have a great Cinco de Mayo! ~Phil

47 responses to “Top Ten Tuesday! Ten Things You’ll Wish You Didn’t Know

  1. Aaah… my phone..

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  2. But I don’t want to die using a righty can opener!

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  3. Ok, raisins are now on the Do Not Eat list!

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  4. I need to watch The Shining & Toy Story back-to-back! Do you think the kids will be interested in playing Spot the Similarities with me?

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  5. My son just posted an article this morning… “There’s probably poop in your beard.” So, number 6 ties in with that. ha!

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  6. I will never eat another raisin for as long as I live…blech!!!

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  7. Well Phil thanks so much for this
    I guess that ignorance is bliss.

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  8. I recently read that even when you’re a closed-toilet household with toothbrushes kept in drawers, your bathroom is pretty much painted in fecal matter. This bothers me when I think about it, so I try not to think about it. I prefer to think my bathroom is painted with Hearts of Palm. Also, my kids play with my phone, so I Lysol that SOB. 😉

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  9. Worse than that… when you smell something, you are actually breathing particles of the substance into your nose. So when you smell a dog poo…
    Just gonna leave that hanging.

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  10. Okay so could you find out which toilet paper will work please? 🙂

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  11. hmmm – that kind of explains the occasional crunchy raisin :/

    … and having 2 left-handed sons, #9 really disturbs me.


    • Relax–I bet we’re actually seeing Darwin Award candidates: Lefties who tried to use must-be-rightie tools for highly-risky manual work.

      Re: Those raisins, you can relax there, too: Most of the crunches are seeds. You’re in more danger because non-organic raisins are a “red-light” food in terms of the dozens of nasty carcinogenic and teratogenic pesticides sprayed on them to try to keep off bugs and prevent mold and mildew while the grapes shrivel to raisins. We adults will die before it matters, but it matters a lot for our children. Better to buy them organic and crunch on one more teensy bug per box (I have found the organic less crunchy, anyhow.)

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  12. Were we feeling a little down in the dumps, Phil, and decided to bring us down to the dump with you?
    Funny, and twisted, post!

    Yuck! My cellphone is clean, thank you. Having heard the scoop about phone poop, I appropriately clean my cell regularly with a baby bottom buffer (Huggies unscented : ). So many people are into public nasal excavation now, I also use alcohol cleanser every time I re-enter my car after shopping to wipe my hands and all the car surfaces I’ve just touched: Handle, steering wheel, gearshift, ignition, keys.

    The average home bathroom is thoroughly coated with feces particles because the average person no longer lowers the lid when flushing. I do, as I was taught to do by my mommy–it is disgusting not to–and I clean all surfaces regularly.

    But: I believed my grandma when she said you should eat a bushel of dirt before you die. If I drop food on the kitchen floor (my floor is usually clean), and the food is the dry kind, I won’t hesitate to pop it in my mouth, even with my autoimmune diseases.

    Hey: Do you think that’s how I GOT those diseases?
    Shoot. Maybe I shoulda’ stuck to one bushel.

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    • I think your avoidance of germs exacerbates your autoimmune issues. If you’re not exposed to germs you can’t build up immunity to them. Come out of your bubble into the beautiful, filthy world!

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      • Phil, as a child, I ran wild, as children should, playing in mud, tar, and goo. As an adult, I had two children. My neighbors were horrified at how I raised them, allowing them to crawl freely in the backyard dirt, me cleaning their pacifiers dropped in public places by popping them into my mouth. I think I did my fair parenting share of filth-filtering, thank you very much!


  13. How about asking which one doesn’t disturb me? That would be easier. Gross, Phil!! But I have to say I am completely fascinated with the links between Toy Story and The Shining, possibly my favorite Stephen King novel. That is so COOL!

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  14. I have to beg difference with the dirt eating…I have known people who have ‘claimed’ to have eaten a whole pot of dirt (like flower pot), one who I fully trust since her mum backed her up on this. My mum said I ate my fair share, and I don’t think this little amount mentioned here would equal my share. Perhaps to balance out the average, there are children somewhere not eating dirt at all. For shame! LOL

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    • I think it was referring to incidental dirt eating, like the little bits that may be on fruits and vegetables occasionally. Over the course of a lifetime it adds up but doesn’t hurt us. I can’t speak for the people that eat dirt recreationally.

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  15. It has to be the dolls. Theres nothing more scary than dolls!

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  17. That carpet scares me. I have always had trouble with busy carpet patterns. Am I alone in this?

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