Music Monday! Matt and Kim

A few weeks ago I featured She & Him, this week it’s Matt and Kim. Although it rhymes they are completely unrelated. Matt and Kim are an indie dance duo from Brooklyn, New York. Although you may not know them by name, you know their music. Many of their songs have been woven through the last decade of American pop culture in commercials, TV shows, and movies.

From Wikipedia:  In 2009, their song “Daylight” was featured in a Bacardi commercial and a Mars Bar commercial. During credits of the second episode of Community the song “Good Ol’ Fashioned Nightmare” plays. “Daylight” was used on the ending credits in Season 6 of the TV series Entourage and in the season 5 finale of the TV show Skins.[17] On August 26, 2009, Matt & Kim played the song “Daylight” on Jimmy Kimmel Live!.[18] The track is featured on NBA Live 10,[19] and as a remixed version featuring De La Soul on FIFA 10.[20]“Daylight” is also on the Need for Speed: Nitro soundtrack.[21] The song also appeared in the game The Sims 3: World Adventures; re-recorded into Simlish, the gibberish language used in the game.[22]

Their song “Cameras” was used in an advertisement for Tune Up in which they were also featured. “Cameras” was also used in the trailer for the Morgan Spurlock film The Greatest Movie Ever Sold and appears on its soundtrack album. Their song “Don’t Slow Down” was used in commercials for the MTV series Underemployed and was also used in the first episode of the third Gossip Girl season. “Let’s Go” was used in promos for the TV show The Mindy Project; on October 1, 2012, Matt and Kim performed the song on Late Night with Jimmy Fallon.[23] Their song “Good Ol’ Fashion Nightmare” was featured in the Community pilot.[24] Their song “AM/FM Sound” was featured in the episode ofChuck, “Chuck Versus the Gobbler“. In 2014, their song “It’s Alright” was used in a Buick car commercial. In 2013 “It’s Alright” from the Album “Lightning” was used in the teaser of CS50 fair 2013 which is a course offered by Harvard on-campus and online as well as for free on edX and is attended by millions from all over the world. Also in January 2015 their single “Get It” appeared in the series promo for the FXX show “Man Seeking Woman” [25]In February 2015 their song “Don’t Slow Down” was used in a commercial for Acura.

Here is their current popular hit from their New Glow album released April 7th.

Have a great Monday! ~Phil

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  1. Ironically, we saw Matt and Kim in concert this past weekend. I had no idea who they were before we went with some friends, but I came out of there as a huge fan.

    • I’ve liked their music for a few years but had no idea how frequently they’ve been used in popular shows and commercials. How were they live?

      • You need to see them. It’s almost like performance art. Seeing them play and hearing their songs are two different experiences.

      • That sounds very cool. I’ll look for them in my area or try to catch them in NYC sometime soon.

  2. They seem like the greatest two
    That I never knew I knew.

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