Wordless Wednesday: A Scuplture


I find this sculpture eerie because the head is suspened in air. Sadly it’s suspended by it’s own tears. I came across this in an office building and as I was taking a picture of it a woman who worked in the building came up to me and commented that she didn’t like it but was stuck seeing it every day outside her office.

Hopefully you have a cheerier day than the subject of this sculpture! ~Phil

10 responses to “Wordless Wednesday: A Scuplture

  1. Did she get him a tissue?

  2. It’s bizarre and I don’t think I’d ant to see it every day!

  3. **want**!!!

  4. I’m all for expressive art but this one…..I’d pass. If I had to look at it all day, I would have to secretly move it in front of the bosses office 🙂

  5. Ugh. That is one I’d have to pass on as well…..certainly there are cheerier sculptures to be had.

  6. Of this I definitely would have to say
    I wouldn’t want to see this every day
    In fact to remove it, I’d have to insist
    Lest it paid the bills for a psychiatrist.

  7. Ha ha ha! I thought it was the Zardoz guy who got caught on a palm! Shows what I know.

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