The Friday Poll! Brains or Beauty?

First off, the results of last weeks poll are in and in a surprise upset love beat out money. For a while it looked like romance was dead, but love made a late comeback to win the day.

Once about 60 years ago Marilyn Monroe sat next to Albert Einstein at a dinner party. The following conversation is alleged to have happened:

Marilyn: “I want to have your child. With my looks and your brains, it will be a perfect child!”

Einstein: “But what if it has my looks and your brains?”


This weeks question is which would you choose, brains or looks:

Please give the reasoning for your choice in the comments. Have a great Friday! ~Phil

9 responses to “The Friday Poll! Brains or Beauty?

  1. “Beauty is truth, truth beauty,—that is all
    Ye know on earth, and all ye need to know.”

    I vote for both.

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  2. I’m already worse than average looking so this would be an improvement in all areas.

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  3. Both brains and beauty eventually fade…I choose to be me, whomever that shall be 🙂

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  4. Having beauty is something not too hard for a girl
    Attractive clothes and make up, hair in seductive curls
    But if she is good looking, and has a low I.Q.
    Then Phil I am afraid there is not much she can do.

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  5. I’d rather be smart than good-looking but extremes of either would be problematic so I’ll settle for what I’ve got. 🙂

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