Music Monday! Nothing Personal: Poisonous

Poisonous, and your venom fills my veins with every kiss. That’s my favorite line from this song. Or another good one is Hope you know you’re slowly killing me, I’ll still play the fool foolishly. I promise that I won’t post about my sons’ bands new album every day. (This song and their entire new album Unforgettable is available on iTunes and all the other music retailers) Give this song a listen. It’s a fun, different, pop-alternative rock song. If you know anyone who works for a record label please drop me a line.

Have a great Monday! ~Phil

21 responses to “Music Monday! Nothing Personal: Poisonous

  1. You’ve done a good job with this, because I already played it last night (maybe on Twitter) and never even realized who it was 🙂 Haha! It’s a good tune!

  2. Oh you should totally post about your son’s album! That’s what dads do! We’re with ya! Reminds me of someone – Blink 182? Not quite… but sort of. They’re good!

  3. Phil! This one is terrific! Highly marketable. How ’bout you put it on a memory stick dressed in little paper outfits, different each day, with a “dead” closed-eye little face, and a bottle labelled “Poison” on the chest, FedEx these to Fallon at his show, take a pic and Instagram and tweet simultaneously:

    “Fallon receives another Poison stick…
    …this one a MONK! Let us pray.”
    …this one DONALD TRUMP! Let us bray.”
    …this one a BANK EXEC! Let us pay.”
    …this one a MIME! Let us look away.”
    …this one LIAM TAYLOR! Let Fallon PLAY!!!”

  4. Nice mix of old and new
    I gotta say it’s pretty cool.

  5. Nada, Phil. This is pissing me off. Why won’t they let your son sing to me? I like to hear new music.
    Despite not having heard it I’m with Babe. I’ve only seen Jimmy Fallon a few times but I reckon he has a sense of humour and might just go for a cool introduction. Babe should be in marketing. You’re the daddy. Do your thing. And good luck to Liam.

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