It’s Groundhog Day!

In case you didn’t know, it’s Groundhog Day. Who doesn’t love this movie? Especially since Bill Murray’s character was named Phil. Coincidence? I think not. This post was originally written for #ThePhilFactor on Feb. 2, 2006 and I now post it every year, over and over, just like Phil’s Groundhog Day in the movie.

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(Feb. 2, 2006) Last week I waxed philosophic about the idiocy known as The Dr. Phil Show. This week, and today in particular it’s Punxsutawney Phil. Groundhog Day the movie: Good idea. Groundhog Day the tradition: Stupid idea. The dimwitted people of Punxsatawney, Pennsylvannia have been shoving a rodent through a hole in a tree stump for almost 200 hundred years to find out if there will be 6 more weeks of winter. Hey morons, you live in the Northeast! There’s always 6 more weeks of winter! Check the calendar! It says that Spring starts on March 21st. That’s 7 weeks from now. You don’t need a rat being spooked by his shadow to figure this one out. At this point I’m getting tired of all these wanna-be Phil’s trying to horn in on my fame. If, coincidentally, a shot were to ring out in Punxsutawney, Pennsylvania today and a certain rodent were to explode in a puff of fur, I was kidding when I wrote this. No harm meant, just a joke. You’ll all be my alibi right?

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I’m curious, for those of you from other countries, do you have a Groundhog Day? Speaking of Bill Murray, they announced that they’re making a new Ghostbusters movie with an all female cast including Melissa McCarthy and Kristin Wiig (also a Rochester, N.Y. native like me).  What do you think about that idea? I’m betting Bill Murray makes a cameo and I hope they keep the original song.  As always, if you enjoyed this vintage Phil Factor feel free to share it via the social media buttons below. Come back Saturday for a brand new Phil Factor. Have a great Tuesday!  ~Phil

28 responses to “It’s Groundhog Day!

  1. I’m open to all the Ghostbusters — sounds good!
    But I HATE Groundhog Day, the movie.

    • Hmm…likes Ghostbusters but hates Groundhog Day…it’s a tough decision but I guess I’ll keep you as a blog friend.

    • I am curious, Joey:

      Is it because it is, at core, simply a more involved version of “(Intelligent, Independent) Attractive Woman Rejects Unattractive-In-Every-Way Man Who Gets Her Anyhow, Just ‘Cause No Man Doesn’t Deserve Any Woman He Wants”?, in this case, a version where the male follows an extended campaign to lie and manipulate the female into accepting him–and succeeds?

      Or is there some other reason?

      (I like the film, but could understand not liking it for the reason above.)

      • Oh, haha, no, I hadn’t dug that far, I just resent the over and over of it.

      • I hadn’t dug that far before either, but now whenever I’m rewatching it, I’ll have to keep flicking that irksome Angel of Remonstrance off my shoulder (while sharing gluten-free chocolate chunks with the Angel of Indulgence on my other one).

      • Haha! My daughter told me I HAD to read this book, “Before I Fall” over the summer. I did. I read it. Awful book. I told her it was too much like Groundhog Day and she had no idea what I meant. I should make her watch that movie as a rebuttal to that stupid, banal book!

      • I hadn’t even heard of it. Just googled, and between the cover and the description, had a morning sickness flashback 😝.

      • Babe you are far too cynical! It’s a silly romantic comedy with no underlying message.

      • No CONSCIOUS message. All those inadvertent slights added to all the advertent 😉 ones. One night, while you men still sleep, sisters everywhere, united, will rise as one and…
        make the dang breakfast for the kids.

        You were expecting maybe something new?

        –Rabid Feminist Babe

      • Methinks that sometimes you may be tilting at windmills.

  2. Love both movies,hate remakes…me and Jimmy had a chat about Phil this morning. I used same pic on my blog as you did too 😉

  3. Nah, didn’t like Groundhog day, the movie. There’s no groundhog day in Australia, because that would be silly. We’re sliding into autumn.

  4. everyday is groundhog day for me, i have the same routine and never deviate from it. Maybe i should change it like in the movie.

  5. I like Bill Murry period so what’s not to like about Groundhog day the movie. I do not like remakes so I’ll bet ghost busters is a bust. (so to speak)

  6. Just posted my own Groundhog Day blog. I loved the movie. Bill Murray at his finest. Rinse,wash, repeat. This is life!

  7. Here in the UK we have no Groundhog Day, I just read somewhere its German, so maybe they do. I loved the movie, I love anything with Bill Murry including his cameo in Zombieland

  8. We don’t have Groundhog Day here – we just look out the window and go, ‘it’s raining again’, – repeat – just like the movie. What the heck is a groundhog anyway and shouldn’t it be considered cruelty to wildlife to shove them places they don’t want to go? Is that an American thing? I once heard this rumour about whatshisface out of An Officer And A Gentleman. Don’t even know if it was true but fairly put me off him.
    Groundhog the movie frustrated me although the idea behind it was pretty good. Ghostbusters I like. Don’t know how a remake would go down considering they’re too often poor imitations and make me feel as if I’m being cast back in time to relive things all over again. Nah. Once is enough.

    • Apparently Groundhog Day originated in Germany and Americans stole the idea and took credit. As for Richard Gere, (Officer and a Gentleman) I heard that rumor probably 30 years ago. Fun fact: Richard Gere grew up near me. A friends parents knew his parents and another friend married Richard’s sister. I never met him though.

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