Music Monday! SWMRS

SWMRS? Yes, SWMRS, pronounced “swimmers” is a punk/alternative rock band from Oakland, California. I heard this song on the radio a couple weeks ago and liked it, but I became more intrigued by this band when I heard the drummer, Joey Armstrong, is the 21 year old son of Billy Joe Armstrong, lead singer of Green Day, my favorite band ever. It frustrates me to no end that this band won’t spell their name the way it sounds.

Have a great Monday! ~Phil


7 responses to “Music Monday! SWMRS

  1. That is such a fun song. How is possible that Billy Joe Armstrong has a 21 year old son? It’s stuff like that makes me feel old! Damn it!

    • I think Billy Joe Armstrong is 48. As I’ve gotten older I’ve kind of identified with him because he’s my age and he’s still out there kicking ass onstage like I hope I would be if I had a band. They are thoroughly entertaining in concert (click on the link in the post to read my description of the last time I went) If you get a chance to see them I strongly recommend it.

  2. Good video and song. Thanks.

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