Music Monday! Motion City Soundtrack

I love this band and on Saturday my son and I are going to Philadelphia to see Motion City Soundtrack on their final tour. One of my favorite parts of every show is that at some point during the show lead singer Justin Pierre turns around and takes a panoramic selfie with the audience behind him and later posts it on Facebook and Instagram. It’s always fun to try and pick yourself out.


Unlike so many of the bands of our childhood who have all had several retirement tours, I believe this band is really going to stop touring. They’re all young enough to pursue other projects and talented enough to do well at other things. If you’re not familiar with them, they’ve been together since 1997 and their first full length studio album was released in 2003. I first saw them in concert in 2005 with my oldest son and now I’m seeing them for the fourth time on their final tour eleven years later with my youngest son. The circle of life eh? Listen to the song and follow the quick, clever, catchy lyrics. I guarantee you’ll be hooked. Also, I hope that Justin Pierre reads this and agrees to interview for #ThePhilFactor. Have a great Monday! ~Phil

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  1. You’re coming to Philly? 😃 Are you staying over?

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