Music Monday! Twenty One Pilots

This band will always hold a special place in my heart because fours years go I had never heard of them until someone hacked into ticket reseller StubHub and used my account to buy a bunch of tickets to see them. Since then, my ears aways perked up when I heard their name. Finally earlier this year I bought my own tickets to see them tomorrow.

Have a great Monday! ~Phil

15 responses to “Music Monday! Twenty One Pilots

  1. I saw them last night!!!!!! They were amazing!

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  2. You know your music’s good when you have a proclivity
    To make people partake in illegal activity

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  3. Seen a few people mention them of late but didn’t know who they were until Zoe Saldana performed one of their songs on Lip Synch Battle. Sound pretty good. Can’t believe you’re giving up Panic! Tickets though – love the latest album. Have fun. 🙂


  4. Enjoy the gig! Everytime I hear blurry face it kind of scares me


  5. I’m also a fan, have lots of fun!!!

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  6. Thanks for the introduction – this was a new acquaintance to me! Liked the lyrics a lot!

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