Top Ten Tuesday! Ten Reasons To HATE Social Media

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10. Bloggers: Ugh. We all think we’re funny, or smart or interesting. Sometimes we are and often times we’re not.This doesn’t apply to me of course, and you guys are all great, really. Shhh…it’s the other bloggers I’m talking about.

9. Twitter snobs: “Oh, you just don’t understand Twitter.” Have you heard this? Really? Sorry, I didn’t realize that Twitter was so complicated. I thought it was just a bunch of dolts making jokes. How could I have been so wrong? So far I haven’t heard of anyone on Twitter curing cancer or splitting the atom. I love my Twitter, but some people think they’re worthy of deity status because of how many followers they have or how many retweets they’ve gotten. Being popular on Twitter is about as impressive as being popular in prison.

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8. Pinterest: Holy crap! I seriously do not care that you pinned a new recipe on your board. What the hell? Why couldn’t you just stick it on Facebook? That’s where all the old people are anyway.

7. Facebook winners: These people think Facebook is a contest to see who has the most fabulous life. If your life is that great why don’t you go live it instead of spending all your time on Facebook?

6. Facebook whiners: Look, sharing some personal stuff is fine. It’s what bonds us together sometimes. But all the time? Hello, boundaries! Guess what? We’re not all here to be your therapist and this isn’t group therapy. Suck it up and pay a professional.

5. The selfie: Truth be told, I’ve taken a few selfies in my time, but in general you just look desperate for attention.


4. Social media insecurity: Do I have enough followers? Did I get enough likes and comments? I don’t remember, how did we measure our self-worth before social media? That’s right, we didn’t. We just lived our lives and tried to buy a better car than our friends.

3. Time: We all had more of it before social media. Before social media, man went to the moon and found a cure for polio. What have we done since social media? Mostly stupid stuff like drones delivering pizza and inventing the selfie. Seriously though, how cool would a selfie on the moon be? You could have the Earth over your shoulder…Neil Armstrong was a moron for missing that opportunity. He’d probably be more remembered for inventing the selfie.

2. I have to network on LinkedIn: Up until about 5 years ago I had my job, I did it and if I didn’t like it I sent a resume’ somewhere. Now it’s all about networking! Who do you know? Where do you know them from? Who am I connected with? Who are my friends connected with? Who will endorse me? Jeez, work has become work outside of work.

1. Somebody said something mean about…my blog post, my Facebook update, my picture, my political opinion that I voiced, blah, blah, blah, wah, wah, wah. Everyone has an opinion and now they get to broadcast it. There’s people I used to like in real life, and then I became privy to their opinions on everything through social media.

What are your pet peeves about social media?

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31 responses to “Top Ten Tuesday! Ten Reasons To HATE Social Media

  1. They have pizza delivery drones now? I must be ordering from the wrong place 🙁

  2. I deleted Linked In last year…funny since I get a lot of sales calls from them and the first thing they ask is why I don’t have a profile 😀

    • They’ve never called me yet. I guess I better work on my profile to seem more interesting.

      • Well, it really is because of the nature of my job, they want us to advertise jobs with them directly. Obviously it’s not because they noticed me personally 😀

      • If you would put a picture on your profile on LinkedIn with some of your fun hair colors I’m sure they would’ve noticed you and called you directly because of that. I probably would’ve endorsed you for some sort of hair coloring and Lego skill.

      • Hmmm….maybe. I need to be in HR in a company that encourages such craziness 😉

  3. My top pet peeve is time zones. It is just so inconvenient that people are not awake to read my witty comments as I make them. If only the world were truly as flat as social media would lead you to believe.

    • Allie, that’s a great point. I often think about when I scheduled my blog posts to appear and I have to take into consideration the fact that I have many readers from England and other countries in Europe. What’s convenient here in the states isn’t always convenient for people in other parts of the world. But that’s also something I love about social media is that I now feel like I have friends all over the world .

      • In all seriousness I love it too. I am definitely more aware of international holidays now as well as the distance between places than I was before social media came into my life. If only travel was cheaper and less stressful I’d visit them all.

  4. I get sucked into those Tasty recipe videos on FB. And then I can never find them again. 🙁 And Playbuzz… I like finding out who my country music star soul mate is. 😀

  5. I don’t need social media to tell me I’m great
    Or to complain bout the things that I hate
    But my post got 3 likes and I just don’t know why
    Think I’ll go in the closet and have a good cry.

  6. I am not on Pinterest. My friends who are obsessed with it can’t believe it. It’s because everyone is obsessed with it. I really don’t need to be spending hours on Pinterest looking up and pinning projects I will never do. I already have plenty of unfinished projects, thank you very much. I don’t post much on my personal facebook. I mostly use it to spy on everyone else. And to update my business pages. I do find social media a great way to look busy so I don’t have to pay attention to my kids. I can just say, “Mommy’s working. I’ll be with you in a minute.” Or 60.

    • You surprised me! I would have thought that somebody crafty like you would be all over Pinterest

      • I know. That’s what everyone thinks. I just don’t want to get sucked in and spend all my time there. My aunt was the first person who told me about Pinterest when it first started. My uncle said, don’t do it. I listened to him. I’ve had a smart phone for a little over a year now, and I’m on it more than I would like to be, but it is addicting. If I had Pinterest, too…

  7. I do not understand, LinkdIn, Facebook, Pinterest, and Tumblr. I have enough trouble doing WordPress and Twitter to last a lifetime.

  8. Having numerous followers on Twitter and Facebook is like sitting at the popular table in high school. Most people don’t care and there’s only one table of them and billions more of us 😛 LinkedIn has blown their time here on Earth. I liked Pinterest, and then I didn’t. Social media is ok, but I’d rather be social face to face. As for the bloggers….they’re like the family I never met. I’ll keep them 🙂

  9. My peeve about social media at the moment is the sheer choice and how everyone wants to jump on the latest app and in a few months they’ll be gone. Stick with the proven ones I reckon. Great post Phil!

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  11. “Why couldn’t you just stick it on Facebook? That’s where all the old people are anyway.”

    BWAHAHAHAHA! I kind of resemble that remark (I’m a young old), but I don’t post recipes. Would you like to see what I had for supper or 10,000 photos of my cats?

  12. I don’t get Pinterest. Or Snapchat. You actually wan’t to look like a dog?
    But I’m old. As per my teenage kids.

  13. Haha great post!

  14. My biggest pet peeve would be the fact that there always seems to be someone who is ready to take offense at something I post. If I post a picture of myself eating fried meat I get radical vegetarians on my case. If I update my status to “cooking for my boyfriend” I get people telling me about feminism and how I shouldn’t let him treat me like that.
    Racism, Religion, Sexual orientation…. somehow every argument ends up circling around one or more of these… I could post a picture of a chick and later find an argument about religion in the comment section.
    Frustrating I tell you.

    • That’s the best and worst thing about social media. It’s great that everyone in the world has an outlet and an audience but at the same time some people feel their opinion is the only right one. I try to respect that publicly but…..

  15. Phil – a lot of layered goodness in this post! You are quite funny!

  16. Your #1 point is my #1 issue … “There’s people I used to like in real life, and then I became privy to their opinions on everything” Bingo!

  17. :)))) ha ha ha! I can’t stop laughing! This is genius!!! :))))))))

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