Wordless Wednesday! Do You Know What This is?

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I found this photo in my phone pics. Can you guess what it is? Answers in the comments. I’ll announce the winner tomorrow.

Have a great Wednesday! ~Phil

42 responses to “Wordless Wednesday! Do You Know What This is?

  1. It’s the broken Cerebro. Professor Xavier is going to be pissed.

  2. Since it’s a Phil photo, I get the tie vibe. But I don’t know, there’s something kinda TRON about it. I’m curious 🙂

  3. The entrance to the Mothership, of course!

  4. I’m really mad I don’t know this… And I’ll probably kick myself when I find out! 😜

  5. I know exactly what that be
    R2D2 on LSD

  6. ok you’re saying futuristic, I’m going to guess either 5th Element or Bladerunner??

  7. No clue, but I’m going with an alien nightclub

  8. Is it a robots rib cage?

  9. All right, buddy… What is it? 😕

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