Wordless Wednesday! Do You Know What This is?

FullSizeRender (9)

I found this photo in my phone pics. Can you guess what it is? Answers in the comments. I’ll announce the winner tomorrow.

Have a great Wednesday! ~Phil

42 responses to “Wordless Wednesday! Do You Know What This is?

  1. It’s the broken Cerebro. Professor Xavier is going to be pissed.

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  2. Since it’s a Phil photo, I get the tie vibe. But I don’t know, there’s something kinda TRON about it. I’m curious πŸ™‚

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  3. The entrance to the Mothership, of course!

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  4. I’m really mad I don’t know this… And I’ll probably kick myself when I find out! 😜

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  5. I know exactly what that be
    R2D2 on LSD

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  6. ok you’re saying futuristic, I’m going to guess either 5th Element or Bladerunner??

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  7. No clue, but I’m going with an alien nightclub

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  8. Is it a robots rib cage?

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  9. All right, buddy… What is it? πŸ˜•

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