Top Ten Tuesday! Ten Things That Are Better Than Ezra

Yes, I realize that this would have been so much funnier had I done it 20 years ago, but it just occurred to me today. In the 90’s though there may not have been a better song than their song Good. So, without further explanation, here are Ten Things That Are Better Than Ezra: 

10: Ezra’s older brother Chuck: Chuck was the big athlete, homecoming king and seemed to have a gift with the ladies while Ezra stayed home practicing his guitar.


9. Zima: Both Zima and the song Good came out in 1993. Zima had a good 15 year run before it was discontinued. Better than Ezra, not so much. If you’re interested, you can still get Zima in Japan.

8. Friends: Great TV series that my kids think is completely corny as I watch it in re-runs.

7. E-mail: It was just starting in the late 90’s and didn’t we all check our e-mail every five minutes because it was exciting to get something that someone on the other side of the office sent five minutes ago.

6. Old school video games like Super Mario and Donkey Kong: Very underrated in the 90’s. There wasn’t blood or game ratings. We just played games.

5. Blog posts without pictures: Ok, there were no blog posts in the 90’s, but still, when I started in 2005 we didn’t need no stinkin’ pictures to get our posts read! To be truthful, my laptop died this week and because of that, I’m doing this from a far inferior device that makes downloading and adding media a challenge.

3. Everything: That’s right. Everything was better in the 90’s. Now, virtually anything and everything may cause cancer.

2. Compact Discs: Compact discs were better than digital stuff. You could hold them and look at the cover and sometimes read the words. You could even burn your own discs.

1. Gluten: In the 90’s there was no such thing as Gluten intolerance! We were accepting of gluten, lactose and peanuts. In the 90’s compact discs were atually made out of gluten and peanuts and no one died from them.

Hey Better Than Ezra, I’m sorry that you got dragged into this. Your album was definitely one of the good things of the 90’s. I hope you’re doing well. Have a great Tuesday! ~Phil

17 responses to “Top Ten Tuesday! Ten Things That Are Better Than Ezra

  1. Wo oh, it was good livin’ with you… all the food allergy people are forming a protest against The Phil Factor. Just kidding. Thanks for the ear worm!

  2. I hear Zima is making a comeback

  3. I had to suffer through one of their cringeworthy performances this past summer! Funny list! :o))

  4. I have the classic Mario Nintendo video game and love it still. Don’t forget payphones. We had to stop and make a call. Cell phones cost a bundle.

  5. For dear Ezra I would settle
    But better would be heavy metal
    (which was incidentally pretty dead in the 90’s)

  6. Better than Ezra will be playing at my towns ‘Patty in the Parc’ st Patrick’s day celebration this year!

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