Goats Do Yoga? More like Goats Gone Wild!

A lot of people ask me, “Phil, where do you get your crazy ideas for #ThePhilFactor?” Sometimes it’s the news, sometimes it’s my experiences that week, and other times forces from beyond that we don’t understand speak to me. That was the case this week when last night my friend brought out the bottle of wine pictured above. I thought to myself, “Gosh that’s true. Goats do roam, but I wonder if they do yoga?” And then the clouds parted and a golden ray of sunshine beamed down upon my weary brow and the universe said, in a voice much like James Earl Jones, “Yes Phil, goats do yoga.” Some people are disturbed when the universe speaks to them, but I’m getting used to it. It’s a little tiresome though when the universe gets drunk and tells the same stories over and over. It is also a little alarming how often the universe is drunk. I think the universe was drunk when it came up with goat yoga. Watch the video:

And it’s not just this one farm in Oregon! Go to Youtube! It’s happening everywhere. I think it’s great, but what if the goats start acting like … well, goats? What if they poop on people or chew their clothes? The people’s clothes, not the goats. Although, I wonder, how close are we to seeing goats in yoga pants?


See that? I’m pretty sure having goats hard, pointy feet in my back is going to hurt. If I’m doing yoga with animals, baby goats might make my top ten list, but they’re not #1. Why not puppies, kittens, or baby teacup pigs?

Now that goat yoga is popular, I can imagine this trend taking off with people trying yoga with all kinds of animals. Unfortunately there will probably be some Darwinism thinning of the herd, so to speak, when some of the dumber people try yoga with the wrong animals. Or just animals who decide they don’t want to do any fecking yoga. In my mind right now I’m picturing a yoga class gone awry as the animals attack and people are screaming and trying to flee. That’s definitely not going to be a very zen feeling.

Namaste everybody. Have a great goat filled weekend! ~Phil

33 responses to “Goats Do Yoga? More like Goats Gone Wild!

  1. I saw a video for goat yoga last month and really want to try it! 🙂 Not sure if I’d actually like it but it looks so cute. xxx

  2. They do it here, too! Someone sent me an invite on FB as a joke. Maybe I should do it. I’d get a good blog post out of it or a communicable disease. One or the other.

  3. “Animals Fecking Yoga”! Yep, I can see a movie there somewhere!

  4. I am forced to participate in cat yoga every morning whether I want to or not. Maybe I should try goats… I’ll trade the hooves for the nasty claws.

  5. I used to have a farm and we had two goats. They were the sweetest pets ever. When they had babies it was like a three-ring circus. My six-year-old daughter let one eat her hair off. Good thing hair grew fast on a youngster. Happy Weekend. Phil

  6. You could yoga on a boat
    You could yoga with a goat…

    Dr. Seuss in the modern world…

  7. I’m totally down with the idea of little piglet yoga👍🏻

  8. This is so funny… may just have to share with my 70 year old Pops…he is a yoga teacher and loves all things yogic!!!

  9. I don’t particularly want goats frolicking about on me during downward dog, but I volunteer at a humane society and I know that yoga with dogs/rabbits/cats has been around for years now! (It’s a great way to introduce people to rescue animals 🙂 )I feel like the goats are going a little far but if you don’t make me do it, it’s cool 🙂

  10. I honestly thought goat yoga was the new cow tipping, but then I saw local friends on FB signing up for a class! No words… mostly because I can’t stop laughing long enough to form any… *wicked grin*

  11. Bear yoga has the potential to really take off. Probably only do it once, but I’m sure the effects will be long lasting…

  12. This falls into the category of ‘you can’t make this stuff up,” Phil. If I was going to exercise with an animal I would choose a sloth. This animal would match my exercising temperament perfectly. In fact, it would also be my ideal therapy pet. 😉

  13. Phil, I did Goat yoga two Sunday’s ago. IT WAS THE BEST DAY OF MY LIFE. For real. Look, goats get it and totally know what’s up. I am forever changed because some goats stood on my back and head butted each other so that I could find inner peace. Who knew goats were so selfless. 🐐🙌

  14. Goat Yoga..sounds interesting. I do Yoga but Goat yoga must be fun..

  15. I find this so amusing! I have 2 little goats and I do yoga but I cant imagine doing yoga with my goats! They offer goat yoga at a farm near us and there is a waiting list! Crazy!

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