Throwback Thursday! The Rolling Stones Are Liars: My Class Reunion

(07/27/13)  Of course this doesn’t apply to me and all my classmates who are attending our reunion this weekend.  The high school reunion. That American institution where we renew friendships, reminisce, and catch up. We remember who we were and we talk about who we’ve become. Last night I had a very nice time talking with many, many old friends.

Back to my title. The Rolling Stones are big fat liars. Mick, Keith, Ron and Charlie. Every one a liar. Pants on fire. The whole nine yards. What did they lie about? They lied about time. Time is SO not on our side. Judging from how haggard The Rolling Stones look, time isn’t on their side either. Especially Keith.

I know where you think I’m going with this, but you’re wrong. Yeah, sorry about that. I’m not going to bemoan how the years have changed my classmates and I. If anything, I was pleasantly surprised by how good everyone looked. My old friends are happy and healthy and doing well. At least the ones that attended our reunion.


In addition to attending reunion activities I also went back to the neighborhood of my childhood. I’ve only been there a few times in the last twenty years. Everywhere I looked there were ghosts. If I looked at a street corner I could see the younger versions of my friends and I goofing around and I could hear the echoes of thirty year old conversations about inane topics. Walking by house after house, memories of incidents and adventures came to life in my minds eye as if not a day had passed.

The most startling revelation however is that apparently since I grew up I’ve become a giant. The parents of my childhood friends are smaller and shorter than I remember them. As my friend and I walked the streets it was amazing how much the houses had shrunk and now look old and run down a bit.  The walk around the block which seemed so long  as kids is now barely long enough to be considered much of a walk at all.

Street Sign

I know that all these things are illusions. People age and the neighborhood that was a whole world to us as kids suddenly appears small and old when I return to it from the larger world I’ve explored since I left home. Damn it Mick Jagger, you promised that time was on my side. I blinked and suddenly that naive, wide eyed boy from a small town turned into an adult with a mortgage and acid reflux. I guess more appropriately, this weekend illustrated to me the truth in the title of that Thomas Wolfe novel; You Can’t Go Home Again. I tried and although my home and neighborhood are not what they once were, I’ve enjoyed meeting high school friends again who all seem to be better versions of the kids I knew. Here’s to old friends.


As always, if you like what you read at #ThePhilFactor please hit the Facebook share button, especially my high school friends that might be reading this. It was great to see you all again. And thank you to Cindy for all the pictures you’ve posted to Facebook. I’m sorry I couldn’t include pictures of everyone that was there. Have a great Thursday! ~Phil

5 responses to “Throwback Thursday! The Rolling Stones Are Liars: My Class Reunion

  1. Tweeted😊 somehow I couldn’t write on your comments on the Big up your Blog page. Party looks fun though☺ #ThrowbackThursday

  2. Never been to one. Neither my husband nor I care to attend. BUT! I do work with a high school classmate, and see many others as clients, and I always marvel at how little people change.
    Unlike places, which, as you said, Do Shrink.

  3. I’ve not been to a reunion but I think it would be cool and kinda weird. My mum still lives in my hometown so I do go back quite often and it really does seem smaller each time.

  4. I am looking forward to my 20 year reunion. I don’t think my hubby is, though. He often observes that I reminisce more than anyone he knows. He is not very sentimental. He should be happy I have these memories instead of the stuff associated with them. Instead of just talking about that time this happened, I could pull out a box with ticket stubs, empty popcorn containers, dried flowers, and the like. Be happy I’m only using words and including visual aids.

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