The Top Ten Alcohol Inspired Baby Names!

I got the idea for this because I heard that a pregnant woman was on Facebook asking friends for suggestions for her baby’s name. She was leaning towards Jameson because that’s the whiskey she was drinking when the baby was conceived. Well, probably not right at the moment the baby was conceived, but possibly.

Jack Daniels: How many boys do you think are already named Jack Daniel? In Tennessee, probably too many.

Captain Morgan: Good rum, bad name

Beefeater: A very descriptive first name that would be ironic for a British vegetarian.

Fireball: Sounds like a great name for a red head or a track star. Or a red-headed track star.

Hornitos: The Spanish word for horny. How perfect is that? I’m pretty sure that this child’s parents were Hornitos.

Wild Turkey: Let’s be honest, this describes most boys until about the age of 30.

Kahlua & Cream: An ideal name for a set of twins

White Russian: An perfect name for a Donald Trump supporter

Bloody Mary: Not very flattering

Menage a Trois: Especially appropriate if she was having a threesome.

Yes, on that last one, I don’t know how to do the accent marks on my keyboard and wasn’t interested in finding out. If I move to Spain or France, I suppose I’ll have to figure that out. If you’ve got some funny ideas for other alcohol related baby names, please add them in the comments. Have a great Saturday! ~Phil

38 responses to “The Top Ten Alcohol Inspired Baby Names!

  1. so funny

  2. Lolol…. Ive heard Hennessy before… which to me has a nice ring to it… I havent heard Tequila but I like it as a name…😂 Cognac too…

  3. Excellent! vodka rocks?

  4. Shirley Temple’s parents must have been real boring.

  5. We had a neighbor dog named Captain Morgan. Let’s just say it’s good for humanity that his “parents” weren’t parents to any children.

  6. Fuzzy Navel could grow up to be a Western movie sidekick

  7. Wild Turkey. Bud Weiser. Manhattan. Amaretto Sour.

  8. Lol, have a wonderful day,
    best regards, Fireball.

  9. There is a kid in my class named Chianti. Different spelling though. I have already nickname him fava beans. Do you get it? 🤣🤣🤣🤣

  10. Friends of ours named their daughter Islay (pronounced Eye-lah) for the Scots whiskey variety. It’s a cute name but I bet nobody but a Scotch drinker pronounces it right!

  11. Losing the Plot

    Jim Beam? Remy Martin? Tokyo Rose? Tom Collins? Stormy Dan…. ooops no that’s something else.

  12. You missed a prime opportunity with Margarita. And there’s always Tequila Rose. I imagine Tequila Rose looking a lot like Annie Oakley but of Hispanic heritage. Total hell raiser who could survive a shootout at the O.K. Corral and then drink the survivors under the table. I think I would be very good friends with her.

    • I intentionally skipped Margarita. When I was in school I knew a girl named Maraquita and our track coach couldn’t get it right so he just called her Margarita and it really annoyed her.

      • I had a teacher who called Jorge “Gorge”. 🙄 He was old then, so he’s probably dead. So…that’s comforting.

      • What about Martini? How is that not a name? I mean, we’ve already got Martins wandering around, and Martini is practically the feminine version of Martin… Plus, I love vodka martinis. I suppose I could sneak into a hospital and change the paperwork on a few babies, but it seems like it would be easier to just start a rumor that some celebrity is naming their kid/accessory Martini… who’s pregnant?

      • That’s a great one. It sounds like an Italian magician

  13. I think Harvey Wallbanger would be a classy name for a newborn, don’t you?

  14. If I’d had a girl, I would have had to call her “Chardonnay”, I guess!

  15. Margot Hemmingway (bad actress, so-so grandspawn) was named after a wine (Chateau Margot, not Chateau Hemmingway). Honest

  16. Ah well I drink Gordon’s Gin….Gordon is a terrible name (apologies to all Gordons).

  17. Wahahaha I laughed out loud reading this post. Great job! I actually sometimes said for fun that if I would ever get a daughter I would call her Rakia, after the traditional Bulgarian spirit.

  18. Hahaha! I used to teach a Jack Daniel.

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