We Are Quirky! Hear Us Roar!

I know that this may come as a surprise to you, but it has recently I have come to accept that I may be quirky. Although, in my head, I’m normal and everyone  else who goes about life doing normal things all the time is boring AF.

Not me. Andy Warhol, notorious quirkster

Guess what? You’re quirky too. We are quirky, not just because we are bloggers, but at least partly because we are bloggers. Yes, it is commonplace for just about anyone and everyone to use social media to express their thoughts and feelings, but we bloggers put time, thought and sometimes rough drafts into broadcasting what’s in our heads. We as a group think that our thoughts are so interesting or entertaining that many, many others would want to hear them. We are an arrogant bunch, aren’t we? We are either arrogant or narcissistic. It’s one or the other. Honestly, don’t you’re friends and family consider you a bit quirky because you’ve got a blog?

But, in addition to our blogs, I would be happy to wager a fair amount of money that many of us are quirky in other ways outside of our blogs. One of my ways that others find quirky is my tie collection. I have easily over 100 ties and a fair portion of them are novelty ties dedicated to superheroes, works of art, or holidays. Currently I’m in the midst of about 2 1/2 weeks of wearing a different Halloween tie each day through Halloween. Feel free to follow me on Instagram @thephilfactor.

So, that’s one of my non-blogging quirks. In the comments, please confess one of your non-blogging quirks.

Have a great Sunday! ~Phil

19 responses to “We Are Quirky! Hear Us Roar!

  1. What and admit it to the world?!!! Not a chance. Love the tie.

  2. Is photographing your dog’s balls that will be snipped off tomorrow considered a quirk or a sign of serial killer potential? I’m just wondering for no particular reason.

  3. All perfectly normal here (I won’t mention offering a scammer I would tie him to the bed and spank him)

  4. Does encouraging the neighbor’s chickens to come visit and sit on the couch count? Because otherwise, I got nothing.

  5. Does being walking into a room and forgetting why you’re there count ,or is that just pre-on your way to the nut house?

  6. Quirky is good, especially Hallowe’en-related quirkage! Being bland is the death of all things. Nothing is worse than blandness.

  7. If I wasn’t quirky, I’d have nothing to write about, so here’s to the quirk!

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