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08/24/13 According to the results of a study published by Dr. Tracy L. Tyka of Ohio State University, “Men are affected by those pressures in the media … or the pressures that others put on them to look more muscular,” she said.


For years women have decried the unrealistic images of feminine beauty portrayed in the media. “That’s unrealistic,” we heard. “No real woman looks like that.”  “She’s airbrushed.” “Those are fake.” Well guess what ladies, it’s our turn.

That’s right. You just need to back off and let us get fat. We may all be working on 6-pack abs, but it’s a 6-pack of Budweiser. Let’s call a truce between men and women. How about if the men stop idealizing Hollywood anorexics and supermodels and you stop drooling over Bradley Cooper and Matthew McConaughey? We’ll let you have your curves if you let us have ours. In fact, it’s my opinion that men have it harder than women when it comes to pressure to have perfect bodies. Yes, you heard me right. On the dating scene you may think you need to be all tall and busty to attract men, but that is far from the truth. We’re guys. All you have to do is to be female and we’re happy with that. Do we have standards that we judge women’s bodies by? Of course we do. If you have a body we’re basically happy. Women on the other hand demand their men be 6 feet tall and built like a Greek god.

I think Dr. Tracy L. Tyka of Ohio State University said it best when she said, “Instead of pressuring men to be more muscular, (we need to) accept men’s bodies for what they are and instead focus on internal characteristics.”


Hey, I don’t create the news, I just report it. If a scientist says it, then it must be true. That’s right ladies, we’re not just sex objects, we have feelings too ya’ know! Now don’t get me wrong, this isn’t about me.  I’m a total smokin’ hottie.  I was at the Man Meeting the other night and some of the other guys were getting down about this stuff, so I told them I’d mention it to you.

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6 responses to “Throwback Thursday! Body By Phil

  1. If you have a body and you are able to live life and be mobile, just be happy for eff sakes. Spending time on this shit (6-pack and such) is such a waste, if done for the wrong reasons and if done compulsively. Be happy. Your Earth Suit is just the casing carrying around the important stuff: your enthusiasm, talents, skills, empathy, listening ear, sense of humour (ya, you, Phil) and helping hand. I suffered for literal decades with eating disorder after body image probs. I’m on the other side of that now, and thank effing god for that. My story is here, in case it may help someone out there… Love your stuff Phil!

  2. Oh Phil…
    Women have been not only accepting of our men’s SOFT BODIES ~

    We do not trade you in for the much younger, bod~dacious and muscles of such said men…

    On the other hand…
    Y’all have been trading us up for almost anything younger for thousands of year (especially when you keep it on the side)🙄

  3. This post was so funny I got a 6-pack laughing at it.

  4. I have to admit I hadn’t given this much thought until a couple of weeks ago when Jason Momoa was taking criticism for having gotten a little heavier than he was when he was playing Aquaman. He still looked great, even though he wasn’t as ripped. I have to also say though, that men do have it easier–the whole “Dad bod” thing has become a point of pride–can you imagine people being like “Oh, what a great Mom bod!” instead of criticizing woman who’ve gained a little weight after having kids? Anyway, great post, as usual!

  5. I married a slim fella with thick blond hair… I am currently married to a bald, muscular-soft-middled man. I guess he built some shoulders from 15 months of toting gear across Iraq? All these guys at the gym just need military packs strapped to them 16 hours a day. I think when we got married, I had the larger shoulders…
    Anyway, his insides are fantastic. I do sometimes resent his dedication to the gym, but ya know, health or whatever.

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