Music Monday! It’s Time For Billie Joe To Wake Up

I’m back with the most appropriate song ever for today, and it’s from my favorite band, whom I will be seeing in Toronto next August with Fall Out Boy, and Weezer. Honestly, I don’t know why Billie Joe Armstron wanted to be woken up “when September ends.”  For me, September is when summer ends and Fall begins. If I wrote the song it would be “Wake Me Up When March Ends.” Hmm…maybe I’ve just thought of a new hit song… Have a great Monday! ~Phil

8 responses to “Music Monday! It’s Time For Billie Joe To Wake Up

  1. Oh, man! Your video shows “unavailable” when I click on it. Great song though. And, a funny point about the name of it. I never thought about that. Lol

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  2. Digging Weezer just saved you…
    Now put down the hash pipes and give up Green Day already!

    As Always ~
    Ms. Mae

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  3. I never understood these lyrics either. Or why this song was so popular with high school video montages. Weird.

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  4. I never minded September ending because I love October, but I looked up why the song was written and I understand why it’s sad for Billie Joe.

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