Who Is The Mystery Visitor From National Park College?

Something weird has been going on. Fellow bloggers, do you look at your stats as much as I do? I like to see what people searched that brought them to my blogs, and where the searchers are from. Almost once a week over the past year I found that someone has been getting to my blog through libguides.np.edu . That wasn’t a search engine that I’m familiar with, so I went to the link.

libguides.np.edu is a library search engine for National Park College in Hot Springs, Arkansas. As far as I know, I don’t know anyone from Arkansas. Is it one of you fellow bloggers? Could it be that my books are in the library at National Park College? Could it possibly be one of the friendly librarians at National Park College?

Your Friendly Librarians

What I’m secretly hoping is that someone who works at National Park College in Hot Springs, Arkansas is a huge fan of #ThePhilFactor so much so that they invite me to be a speaker at graduation or for the ceremony welcoming incoming freshman. I would give a hell of an inspiring speech. Kristin & Lynn, do you think you could help me with that? I’m a published author. You could do worse. If not, could you at least get my books in your library?

Fellow bloggers, what are some of the oddest quirky things you’ve come across in your stats? Have a great Tuesday! ~Phil

5 responses to “Who Is The Mystery Visitor From National Park College?

  1. Although this is likely the right location for that ip address, I’m always leery of checking the stats on either of the websites I manage. Primarily because if I’m looking at your post from my work computer, it will shows me as some place like Albany NY when I’m in fact in Northern NH. It’s all about who our business internet access is through. It drives me nuts when I go to a website like Home Depot and it assumes my closest store is in NY. It also makes me nuts when advertisers tell us we can target by zip code. My home internet shows me as 1 hour away from where I am so that doesn’t help in zipcode targeted ads.

  2. I think it is the night security guard on his lunch break.

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