More Chucky? Ugh.

Really USA and SYFY network? It took two networks working together to come up with the worst idea I’ve seen in years. Of course I’ve thought that every time in the last 35 years when each new incarnation of Chucky came out. There has been over 20 Chucky movies/shows etc. Is it really that good?

I’ll admit that in 1988 when the first movie came out, it was a good scary premise to have a possessed murderous doll. But seriously, wouldn’t something like that makes the news? After that first incident, wouldn’t everyone in the country be on the look out for ugly murderous dolls? And, he is the absolute ugliest doll ever. What kid would ever want that? And if any parent ever bought their kid a doll that ugly they deserve to be reported to child safety services.

Seriously? An ugly murderous doll had a kid? What other doll would sleep with that hideous raggedy ball of yarn? Not to mention, how does that even work biologically? Did someone knit some doll sperm?

Chucky Season 3

So now, you’re telling me that an ugly, demented My Buddy doll from the 80’s has been allowed into the White House? Well, I guess if Trump could get in, why not Chucky? This series really, really stretches the suspension of disbelief needed to make this premise work. Not to mention how badly that makes the Secret Service look! 35 years of murdering and they just let this maniacal troll doll walk into the White House?

Thirty years ago didn’t we all vow not to let our dolls have steak knives? How does he keep getting knives? And seriously, not once in the last thirty years could anyone throw this little freak into a wood chipper? It’s sh*t like this that happens when the writers go on strike.

Sorry about the salty language. I just really hate a weak premise. Have a great Thursday! ~Phil

4 responses to “More Chucky? Ugh.

  1. I agree with you. Love the idea of tossing Chucky in a woodchipper.

  2. I can’t stand Chucky either. If you couldn’t find a woodchipper, some C-4 or a flame thrower could work.

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