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TBT! Consensual Sex? There’s An App For That!

(04/16/16) Leave it to the mom of teenagers to take the fun out of sex. Two weeks ago an app, created by a mom of three, called Yes to Sex was newly available for  IOS and Android. “Yes to Sex” sounds like a great app doesn’t it? I thought “Yes to Sex” was the slogan for Tinder. Not that I would know of course.


Those of you that lived in the United States in the 1980’s, as I did, will remember First Lady Nancy Reagan’s “Just Say No” campaign that urged people to just say no to drugs. If some candidate had “Yes to Sex” as their campaign slogan this year, I’m guessing they’d be very popular. The Yes to Sex app doesn’t tell you to say yes or no, but it does allow both partners to log their consent and agreement on a safe word and using condoms. Woo! Sounds fun right?

According to the USA Today article by Marco della Cava “…partners can whip out a smartphone, fire up the app, and flash through a series of one touch agreements that culminate in a request to record a short audio confirmation that the parties agree to intercourse. A safe word is generated. Both parties agree to stop having sex if one partner says the word.” Wow, that’s hot right? I’m sorry to have sullied my family friendly blog with such smut, but it’s all in the name of public health.


Code Butterscotch?!!? Yeah that’s a really safe word. If my partner ever says Code Butterscotch in the middle of things I’m pretty sure that would kill the mood. I’m pretty sure that would kill the mood before we even got started.

Girl: Ok honey, if we’re going to do this I think we should have a safe word. If either of us say “Code Butterscotch” we’ll stop.

Guy: Code Butterscotch? What are you, my grandmother? Who says butterscotch? Is that even a thing anymore? Forget it. I’m going to a bar.

And ladies, don’t tell me that you wouldn’t have the same reaction if a guy suggested Code Butterscotch as a safe word. If the app really wanted to generate safe words that would surely dampen the mood, why not try words like poopy diapers, crying babies, episiotomy, vasectomy or parenthood.


There was actually an app that came out previously for sexual consent called Good2Go. Genius name right? Geez, if you’re busy getting hot and heavy, who has their phone on them? Ha! Who are we kidding? Of course we all do! And we stop to check notifications right in the middle don’t we?

I imagine the Good2Go app might be a great marital aid for married couples who are way past needing or wanting a lot of romancing to decide if they want to get jiggy with it on a Saturday night. (Of course I know nothing about that. Yes, I’m ‘get jiggy with it’ years old. Shut up. I’m bring jiggy back) You in one room, your spouse in another. You just send your spouse a notification, “Hey honey, you Good2Go?” Wow. Sexting just got a whole lot more boring didn’t it?

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