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The Top Ten Scariest TV Shows

Feel like watching something scary this week but don’t want to sit through a two hour movie? I’ve got your back. There’s nothing I enjoy more than being on the edge of my seat. I’m not talking horror or gore. I’m talking pure, can’t take your eyes off the screen, I can’t believe this is happening suspense.  I’ve watched 8 of the 10 on the list and included the two others on reputation. This is a very subjective list, so if you have other suggestions I’d love to hear them.

Twilight Zone: This may be the original classic suspense show. I didn’t see it in it’s first run, but saw it later in re-runs. I fly fairly regularly for my job and I’m always tempted to yell ‘There’s a man on the wing!” If you get the reference, in the comments tell me what actor screamed it.


The X-Files: A 90’s classic that returned to the small screen for a limited run a few years ago. It was great in it’s time and improved as it grew in popularity. Not every episode was the perfect cocktail of suspense and disbelief, but it was often enough to make my list.


American Gothic: Maybe I just like this because I have the painting on a tie. Which is more famous, the painting or the show? Who heard of one but not the other? I didn’t see this show, but loved the title and heard others give it high praise. You win 50 points to spend in The Phil Factor gift shop if you can tell me, without looking it up, what artist did the famous painting.

LOST: Apparently I’m stuck in the 90’s. For one glorious season LOST was awesomely suspenseful and mysterious. Then the writers all seemed to lose their minds.

The Walking Dead: There’s just so many. So many zombies. Just the tiniest scratch. Any moment you could become one of them. Your group is getting picked off one by one. There could be one or one hundred around any corner. You just never know. But what I do know is that the series has gone on too long. Just go back and watch the first few seasons. Great suspense!


American Horror Story: I haven’t watched this one. Yet. I plan to, No one else in my family wants to see it, so I have to find some time to watch when no one is around. That’s the best time to watch scary stuff anyway, right?

In Search Of… Leonard Nimoy rest in peace.  This was a late 70’s-early 80’s show that was part documentary, part reality show where they tried to debunk paranormal phenomena. As a kid I wanted to watch but it always freaked me out.

Kingdom Hospital: Also known as Stephen King’s Kingdom Hospital. This was a one season series that was based on a Danish show.  Look it up on Netflix or Hulu. Completely creepy, suspenseful and weird. I loved it.


Stranger Things:  It was a new series in 2016. Season 4 was out this past summer and there will be a season 5.  This show set out to capture the aura of those cool, creepy 80’s Stephen King based movies and it succeeded brilliantly.


Twin Peaks: As I said, I recently began re-watching the original series and it stands the test of time. It’s still awesomely creepy and weird. If you were a fan of the show and want to see a funny, hour-long spoof featuring many of the actors and actresses from the original look up the show Psych on Netflix and find the Dual Spires episode in 2010/5th season of the show. After you do that, go back and watch the entire Psych series from season 1. It’s brilliantly funny with a little suspense.

So what did I miss? What would you add to the list and what would you take away? Please give opinions and suggestions. I’d love some good, new or old shows to watch. Have a great Sunday! ~Phil

The Ten Best Paranormal/Supernatural TV Shows Ever

I can see the future. Time and again my predictions have proven this.  Right now I predict that National Paranormal Day is going to happen on May 3rd. Now is also the perfect time to start binge watching your favorite shows about the paranormal/supernatural. Ghosts, UFO’s, vampires, magical creatures, witches and psychics are always entertaining aren’t they? These are what I deem to be the ten best creepy, scary, weirdo television series in all of history.

10. What We Do In the Shadows (FX/Hulu): If you’re not familiar with this one, you’re missing out. It may not be super scary, but this follows the lives of a four neurotic and clumsy vampires living in New York. It’s The Office but with a group of vampires instead of paper salesman.

9. Supernatural (CW): Two brothers get together to pursue all sorts of paranormal/supernatural beings to avenge their family’s death or something. I watched some of it, but it was a little too “CW” for me as an adult.

8. True Blood (HBO) A telepathic waitress hooks up with a vampire. Even though this was on HBO, it’s a little too “CW” for me.

Now we get into the good stuff.

7. American Horror Story (FX): A creepy new story and cast each season. This show has produced some really creative and wonderfully scary stuff.

6. Reaper (Amazon Prime Video) This is a truly fun series with a perfect cast. A consummate slacker ends up contracted to the devil to capture evil souls that escaped from hell. Hijinks ensue.

5. Penny Dreadful (Showtime) Three seasons of awesomely creepy gothic horror. The first season set in London is just fantastic.

Stranger Things (Netflix) I loved Season 1 and Season 3. Season 2 just seemed a little oddly disconnected from the other two. Season 4 is almost upon us, so if you haven’t watched it, get to work before season 4 drops. If you love series set in another time, this is for you. They nail the 1980’s atmosphere perfectly.

Twin Peaks (ABC) I was obsessed with this show when it came out in 1990. Recently I watched a few episodes and the super creepiness has definitely held up over the years.

2. The X Files (Fox originally but now on Disney+?Mulder and Scully. Some of the special effects or creature costumes now look a little hokey, but the long-term, ongoing storyline, the chemistry between the two characters and a lot really good weird creepiness make this a classic.

1. Buffy the Vampire Slayer (The WB) I never watched it, but this show was so popular and loved by so many that I gave it the number 1 spot. Should I watch it?

That’s my top ten. What do you agree or disagree with? What would you add and take away from the list?

Have a great Tuesday! ~Phil

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