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Throwback Thursdays: Send in the Clowns 8/18/2006


If you missed it last week, on Throwback Thursdays I’m going to post an old Phil Factor from ancient blogging times that you haven’t seen before.

I’d like to address a very serious subject. A malady if you will, that afflicts thousands, maybe millions, of people each and every day. It is a subject of such horror, such an abomination, that those who suffer from this disorder hide it, even from their loved ones. I am, of course, speaking of Coulrophobia. No, Coulrophobia is not the fear of Dave Coulier. If it were, that would be my problem. Well, me and Alanis Morissette.

Coulrophobia is “the irrational and persistent fear of clowns.” Yes, it is so prevalent it has been given a scientific name by psychologists. Apparently this is a very serious subject because there are hundreds of websites dedicated to discussing and curing this fear. I don’t get it!!!! What the hell is so scary about a guy in makeup, big pants, and floppy red shoes? You know what they say, big feet big… I suppose that’s why they have to wear the big pants. Do you Coulrophobes think that the squirting flower they wear is symbolic of what’s going on in the big pants perhaps? Is it the swollen red nose that suggests alcoholism? C’mon, we all have a lovable, old drunk somewhere in our family tree!

And yes, I intentionally put that big clown picture at the top of the article just to freak out the clown-o-phobes. Aside from John Wayne Gacy, can anyone else name a clown that has ever done anyone any harm? (No, Michael Jackson doesn’t count!) If you weren’t creeped out by clowns before, I’ll bet you are now, but in a different way. Enjoy the circus this year everyone!

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Dave Coulier?!!?

Does everyone remember that Alanis Morrissette song from a few years back where she’s really pissed about her boyfriend breaking up with her and getting a new girlfriend really quick? Everyone’s first thought upon hearing that song had to be, “This is the angriest, most bitter woman I’ve ever heard.” I just recently found out that the subject of her intense hatred in that song was Dave Coulier. If you just said, “Who’s Dave Coulier?” Let me remind you. Remember the sitcom from the early 1990’s, Full House? Now you’re remembering, right? Dave Coulier was the dorky, blonde, comedian who did cartoon character voices. Alanis, come on! You’ve got to be kidding me! You’re upset about losing that guy?!!? Those weren’t even original cartoon character voices he did. He was copying voices other people did. That’s not a real comedian, that’s the annoying kid in the lunch room in junior high. Apparently in Canada where Dave and Alanis are from he must be some sort of national hero, because I just don’t get why Alanis would mourn the loss of that guy. I mean really, over the last 10 years, how many of us have thought to ourselves, Gosh, I wish Dave Coulier was on TV more often”? I can see being upset over Bob Saget breaking up with you, but not Dave Coulier. And don’t even get me started on Uncle Jesse.