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Top Ten Tuesday! Ten Useless Things We Learned in School

Warning! This is not to be read by anyone under the age of 18! Remember all those mind-numbing things we had to learn in school? If you didn’t become a teacher, how many do you still use now? This is my list. Feel free to add your suggestions in the comments:

10.  The Pythagorean Theorem:  A squared plus B squared = C squared. That equation is so archaic that I don’t know how to make the “squared” sign using a keyboard.

9. 9.81 m/s2: Again with the squaring?!!? What the hell? Why did old school scientists and mathematicians feel the need to square everything? I don’t square anything in adulthood but I still know that 9.81m/s2 is how fast something will fall due to Earth’s gravity. I know it, but have never once needed that knowledge in adulthood and yet stuff keeps falling.

7. The Magna Carta: Yeah, Regents Honors History in 10th grade. Some sort of weird English peace treaty originally written in Latin. I have rarely been asked to preside over international disputes in Europe, but when I am, I intentionally never refer to the Magna Carta. It sounds like some kind of champagne doesn’t it?

6. Pi: 3.14. We all know it, but when have we ever put it to practical use in adulthood. My favorite pie is a two way tie between pecan and pumpkin. 3.14 is way down that list. When Agent Cooper said “Diane, if you ever get up this way, that cherry pie is worth a stop,” what town was he visiting?

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5. Finding a book in the library using the Dewey Decimal System: Are there even books in libraries anymore? Ok, even back in the day, why didn’t they put all the books in alphabetical order?

4. Alphabetical order: Seriously, who cares what order the letters are in? Our keyboards don’t have them that way anymore.  I’d be surprised if kids even know how to recite the alphabet in order. And why would you want to? Is there a word that’s spelled that way?

3. The baking soda and peroxide volcano: Of all the dumb stuff we learned in school, this was one I hoped would carry over into adulthood but alas, there are no jobs for “pretend volcano engineers.”


2. Square dancing: I don’t know if everybody’s school district did this, but we were forced to do square dancing for five weeks in phys. ed. class every year through 10th grade. It’s like they were training us to be Amish, and we weren’t in Pennsylvania! I think it was just to teach the boys not to be scared of the girls. (that’s me on the right)


1. Writing in Cursive: Besides our signature on legal papers, is there a reason we need this skill anymore? To be honest I often “electronically sign” work stuff on the computer by typing my name. We spent an entire school year learning cursive when I was 8 years old. Why weren’t they teaching me HTML code? Or blogging?

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