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Top Ten Tuesday! Ten Funny Yoga Poses

This top ten is unusual in that I didn’t create it all by myself. I was inspired by a Tweet by Happy Chillmore @cravin4 on Twitter. If you enjoy Twitter and humor, go follow him. Happy Chillmore is responsible for numbers 5-1 on this list and 10-6 are me. Enjoy and namaste!

10. Bean bag chair pose

9. Weeping child

8. Open Love Triangle

7. Bare moon pose

6. Bipolar roller

5. Napping Warrior

4. Downward Spiral

3. Crying Plank

2. Farting Tree

1. Drunk Hasselhoff

My love of Twitter is well known and there is no end to the number of brilliantly funny people there. Go follow me and Happy Chillmore and have a great Tuesday! Namaste! ~Phil